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11-17-1998, 05:31 PM
Several people have posted their opinions here and there about where the songs on <i>Double Live</i> were recorded. I thought this subject deserved its own thread, so please post your ideas.<p>Here's mine:<p>"Unanswered Prayer" - from Central Park<br>"The Dance" - from Dublin (you can here "Ole, Ole" if you listen really close)<br>"Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)" - from Denver, CO (older tour)<br>"Callin' Baton Rouge" - from somewhere in Louisiana (older tour)<br>"It's Your Song" - Vegas, of course<br>"Wild As The Wind" - Vegas, of course<br>"Tearin' It Up (And Burnin' It Down)" - Dublin, of course<br>"Ain't Goin' Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up)" - Texas Stadium, Dallas, 1993<br>"Longneck Bottle" - Chicago, December '97 (because Steve is there)N

11-17-1998, 05:42 PM
As someone mentioned in another thread, this will be impossible to figure out due to the mixing and studio enhancements, but why not.<br>My two cents: Unanswered prayers is to clear (and loud) to be from an outdoors concert. I heard that they got some of the best results from the concerts in the new San Jose arena, which was one of the newest venues on the tour with excellent accoustics, so my vote is on that one.N

11-17-1998, 05:59 PM
I'll have to disagree on Tearin It Up being from Ireland. In the Ireland version he sings "stand up and shout" on the album it "jump up and shout", my guess is somewhere else.N

11-17-1998, 06:15 PM
Garthaholic,<p>The only place on the tour he sang "Tearin' It Up (And Burnin' It Down)" is Dublin. Just because the TV special showed him singing "stand up and shout" doesn't mean anything. He was in Dublin for three nights. The version on <i>Double Live</i> is just obviously from another night.N

11-17-1998, 09:43 PM
I think I remember someone saying here one time that Garth actually did TIU&BID somewhere here in the states. Maybe my mind foils me right now, but I could swear that some had said that. Just my 2cents in. Also, another 5cents for and even 7! If you listen close enough on half of the songs you here Ole, Ole going on softly in the back. I guess the Irish are by far the best crowds to play to because, In my opinion I'm hearing them alot, not to mention I believe the crowds are also mixed together. Two cities together. And in the 3rd verse to FILP, it sounds to me that at every break or pause in the verse that the crowd (or city)changes?<p>Well, there you go, it might be worth 7 cents, maybe not, but there it is.<p>WesN

11-17-1998, 09:49 PM
king...Steve was in Seattle in July of 98,tooN

11-18-1998, 03:12 AM
Thanks for the info, y'all. :)<p>I also forgot to mention that I think the the vocals from "Shameless" came from Dublin as well. You can hear Trisha singing backup vocals, and as far as I know she didn't sing backup anyplace else on the tour.N

11-18-1998, 11:33 AM
I am pretty sure that "Unanswered Prayers" is from "Ireland & Back". What led me to believe this is a clear Irish accent from the crowd. The song itself seems to match up pretty well with the version on my tape, with the "Very Cool" and a few other little things. Also, there is a loud whistle right at the end of the song that matches the "Ireland & Back" version perfectly, only tuned down of course.<br>That was one aspect of the entire album that continues to perturb me-the fact that the crowd is so quiet and "dead". But I guess you had to quiet them down or it would be hard to hear the music, which often happens in live shows.N

Gary Daniel
11-18-1998, 03:53 PM
Steve Wariner also appeared with Garth during his one of his Nashville appearances in May of 1998...and personally I think that's where this cut of Longneck Bottle is from. <p>As for Callin' Baton Rouge...I'm willing to bet that this one is also, not from an older tour...but from his appearance in Baton Rouge, in April of 1998. Also if you listen closely to several of the songs, such as the Dance and Unanswered prayers (especially the songs that are mostly acoustic with garth simply singing and playing guitar) I think that you can tell that they've been blended much like Garth said they were...even in the middle of the song. The differences in the vocals (intonation and reverb from the microphones) seems to hint that midway through a line it comes from a different arena. <p>That's my theory...N

11-18-1998, 04:12 PM
Yeah, I changed my mind about "Callin' Baton Rouge" after reading the musician credits inside the booklet. The only fiddle player credited is Jimmy, which means that any song with fiddle likely comes from the current tour.N

11-19-1998, 01:44 PM
While GB was here in Ireland last week he did an interview on the National Radio Station and he was talking about the crowds and the live album. He said that Unanswered Prayers and Shameless on the Live Album are from Croke Park - Dublin, Ireland.<p>You can download this interview if you go to the stations web site.<p>http://www.2fm.ie<br>When you get there hit the 'entertainment' section and in there hit the 'VIP Area' and in there you'll find Garth talking about different things. ENJOY!!!!! ;)N

11-20-1998, 07:23 PM
Here in Lincoln, Nebraska one of the DJ's said that "Unanswered Prayers" is from the September 27th, 1997 show here in Lincoln. Now that I know this isn't true and it sounds like DJ's in other cities are making the same claims, where are they getting this misleading information?N

11-22-1998, 07:44 AM
you can hear that "ole, ole" after the dance too. i dont get it - why do people in ireland say "ole ole"???? N

11-22-1998, 11:41 AM
<b>imgbjustnotTHEgb</b>,<p>I heard Garth talking about this one time. From what I remember, the "ole, ole" chant is like the highest honor an entertainer can receive in Ireland. I think they do it in sports a lot; it is like a salute. In <i>Ireland & Back</i>, after Garth introduced Sandy, the Irish people were chanting this and she came back out--like an encore. I think it basically means "You're doing one hell of a job, so keep it up."<p>Somebody from Ireland help us out here.N

11-22-1998, 05:16 PM
thanks king,<br>one more thing.. way back in 96 in calif. on 'ahba' he was telling us about the live album and we did the 'association' part. did he do this the whole tour??N

11-23-1998, 02:14 AM
I first saw Garth in 1994 and when he sang AHBA he had the crowd sing the "association" part, so he had been doing that for a long time!!! :)N

11-24-1998, 05:26 PM
He did "American Honky-Tonk Bar Association" in Amarillo and Oklahoma City, and he did that both times.<p>Same thing goes for <i>This Is Garth Brooks, Too!</i>.N

11-25-1998, 01:07 PM
In reference to 'ole,ole'.<p>In Ireland it's something we sing when we're in a really good mood and everything is going great ususally at a sporting event or something (and also when we're very drunk). It's a sign to the team or artist that we're behind them all the way and that they are doing a great job. So that's why you'll always here it at a Garth show because everybody is in a good mood and enjoying themselves.<p>Ole,Ole,Ole,Ole,Ole,Ole ;)<br>N