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09-20-2001, 01:51 AM
I found this really good interview with Tim at www.NashvilleCityPaper.com And if you sign up you can post your opinion there like I just did. This article just goes to show what hard working/regular people these country singers truly are, and that with patience and perseverence anyone can realize their dreams, and still be unfazed by fame.
The magic behind the music - Tim McGraw sets his circus down in Nashville
By Susan Passi-Klaus

I should have sold tickets to my interview with country hunk Tim McGraw. Women from the office fought for a desk chair in the same room where I was plugged in for a telephone interview with the star.

This audience of office workers loves Tim’s music. They think he’s a Zeus in boots. And they admit the singer is a lust magnet for pre-post-and non-menopausal women everywhere. But the real curiosity had little to do with Tim being a hottie — they just wanted to eavesdrop to hear if he’s as nice as his press packages make him out to be.

And, as it turns out, he is.

If I were a music writer, and not just a soccer mom who loves his songs, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t reel off entertainment savvy facts about this superstar. I could use over half of my allotted 1000 words to say what’s already been said in newspaper articles, on television and in radio interviews many, many times.

Maybe the record companies and press people want you to know that he’s sold 22-plus million records and had 22 top 10 singles, and maybe the Music Row in-the-knows give a hoot about his album of the year awards, his male vocalist awards and the number of platinum recordings he has hanging on his wall, but I always assume most of us nobodies just want to find something we have in common with our favorite “somebody.”

I didn’t want to talk to Tim McGraw, nominee for Country Male Vocalist and Entertainer of the year, and who’s new release, Set This Circus Down, is now in stores. I wanted to talk to Faith’s soul mate and Maggie and Gracie’s daddy. I wanted to ask Tim questions that none of the music mongers bother to pose.

How much do you miss being “normal?”

Well, I was never “too normal,” but as a family we try to be as normal as we can. We kind of have our own little universe — behind our gates and behind our closed doors — with our family and the people we work with. We’ve kind of created our own world and that world consists of walking up and down the mall with the kids and going out to eat at restaurants.

Are you still a little bit in shock about where your life has taken you?

No, I think anybody that been real successful in this business or in any business probably can tell you that they sat and visualized doing it for so long and thought about how they were going to do it years and years ahead of themselves, that when it actually happens it almost feels like you’re stepping into something you’ve already prepared for.

How much pressure is put on you to be “the perfect couple?”

Not a lot. It might if we weren’t incredibly comfortable together and incredibly in love. I don’t think either one of us can remember what life was like before we met and I don’t think we could ever imagine not being together, not having our kids and having our family. There’s such hominess and a measure of comfort between us — she’s like people I grew-up with and I remind her of people she knew growing up. We’re just really close and I can’t imagine us being any other way.

Is some of the glamour beginning to wear off of celebritydom?

It’s so separated, what we do and the other part of our lives. I mean, it’s part of what we do, but it’s weird. You put on a suit and a hat and she gets dressed up and puts on make-up, then you go to the Grammies and you’re hanging out with Tony Bennett and Elton John and David Foster and all these people, having a glass of wine … and then you go home and watch it on TV and you see an actor on TV and you feel the same way about them as other people feel about you.

What else is there? What kinds of things are you looking forward to?

More kids. When we first got married we thought maybe four or five, and now we don’t know. We don’t want to stop at three because we just can’t think about Maggie being a middle child, so we gotta even it out for sure.

It seems you and Faith are always performing random acts o financial kindness for others. Was that part of the dream?

Yeah, that was one of the things I used to lay in bed and think about when I was a kid — what I would do if I had some success and a little money too. The only problem to cope with is trying to decide the right times and the right places to do that where it doesn’t make somebody uncomfortable. You don’t ever want to do it so that people know about it.

How do you explain what you do to your kids?

We really don’t have to explain much. They’ve always been involved in it and don’t seem to separate it from what anybody else’s parents do. Besides, some of their friends are kids like Delaney and Emma McBride, Martina and John’s kids … so their mommy sings. Or they’re friends with Byron and Missi Gallimore’s kids … Byron’s our producer. They don’t think of themselves or us as any different. And because they get to meet so many other artists, they certainly don’t put us on the same level of their favorite celebrities.

Are you in second place behind Kermit or something?

No, we’re second place to Aerosmith. Gracie’s only four and she’s completely obsessed with Aerosmith. She was into Britney Spears for a while, but she’s already outgrown that.

Has Nashville really become your home?

Yeah, we’re just really glad to be part of the community and glad to have our kids in school. We’re looking forward to soccer games, basketball and all that kind of stuff. We’re just really happy to be raising a family here.

09-23-2001, 11:35 AM
I can never get enough of Tim McGraw! He is a Zeus in boots!

09-23-2001, 11:49 AM
He ain't a bad performer neither!

09-23-2001, 08:55 PM
He's a great performer. I've seen him three times. His shows are excellent. Full of energy.
...........sigh. He's just so wonderful.