View Full Version : Where were the songs recorded?

11-17-1998, 09:18 AM

11-17-1998, 12:57 PM
Good question. That is what I am trying to figure out. Anyone out there know ?<br>Also, this may be a dumb question, but is there a difference on the different CDs ? I assume that the recordings are all the same and that they only changed the covers and print on the CDs (mine is the Dublin, Ireland Limited Commemorative Package with the Irish colors on it, so I assumed that it was the Dublin concert on the CD).<br>N

Jill D
11-17-1998, 01:07 PM
I suspect that we won't know in which city each song was recorded because Garth played in more cities than there are songs ---- and everyone would like to believe that their city was the one on the CD! I know that I would like Chicago to be on there somewhere!N

11-17-1998, 01:09 PM
At first I was also curious about why the Cd doesn't state what song was played where. But Garth did an interview in Country Weekly that said that 90 % of the recordings are from taping every night at concerts. And he also said and I quote him " I can't tell you where we recorded it, because we recorded it in several different cities and sometimes they are pieced together." So Sorry :( TH but unfortunately your CD is not from the concert in Ireland -The pictures are- but the music unfortunately we wll never know about. Hope this answers your questions. :)N

11-19-1998, 09:35 AM
I'm willing to bet that Garth nor "his people" are going to state which cities are on their because of Marketing Strategies. We all know that Garth knows a great deal about Marketing. If he were to state which venue(s) were on the album, some people would not buy it if the show they went to was not on there. N