View Full Version : What happens after the Press Conference??

09-04-2001, 11:12 PM
I am soooooo excited:) :) to hear about the press conference happening on September 17th !!!!
Has anyone heard if it will be a televised event ,, such as Entertainment Tonight , or some other channel??
It would be great to see Garth again!!
I got to see a clip of him talking about the Top Shelf program ( NHL hockey ) when he attended a meeting here in Canada in Toronto !!!!! Boy , he looks really good !!!!!!
He was sooooo close to me and I never knew it until it was to late ,,, lol !!!!! Oh well ,, maybe next time !!!!!
:D :D
I can hardly wait to hear the new song he and George Jones sing together,, it should be something !!! And maybe George will sing it for us at Shooting Star Casino on September 22nd !!!!Would'nt that be something !!!! I can only hope and keep my fingers crossed !!!!!!