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11-17-1998, 07:07 AM
Don't get me wrong here, I love Garth and have been anxiously awaiting this live album, but now that I have it and have listened to it, I am disppointed. When I heard the words live, I thought that it would be more a concert, just as other live albums have been. But this is just a collection of mixed and matched songs, some dubbed in studios and added to crowd noise that sounds nothing like the Garth concerts that I have been to. <p>Does anyone else feel this way? <br>N

11-17-1998, 09:34 AM
Garth has said in interviews that he didn't consider this to be a live album due to the studio mixing. He also said that if he were to win an award for a "Best Live Album" that he would have to refuse it because it wasn't a true live recording. But I think that the studio part is kind of neat, like the waves and seagulls at the start of Two Pina Coladas.N

11-17-1998, 11:24 AM
I am very disappointed for that same reason. I've waited 2 1/2 years for this thing, and it's all that mismatched stuff. Wasn't it Garth himself that said something like the live shows weren't supposed to be perfect, they's a place to have fun and raise some hell? That's the kind of spirit I was hoping for on this CD. This is just "The Hits" resung with some crowd noises added in some places. Some exceptions include "Unanswered Prayers"...where the audience sings along with him. That's what I remember the most about the concert I went to. The audience was singing every word of every song he sang. I don't hear that on this CD. <br>I'm didn't care that this CD sounded perfect. I cared that this was a genuine live Garth album, to capture that spirit, but I just don't get that on most of this album. <br>Sorry to sound so down about this, Garth has always been my favorite singer and I have always supported him. I still feel that this CD is well worth the $13.88, but it's not what I waited 2 years for.N

Rob Burgess
11-17-1998, 12:22 PM
Yeah, I'm kinda disapointed in a couple of ways. I prefer live albums that don't break between songs - it doesn't happen at concerts and I don't like it when it happens on albums.<br> Plus, I find the mix to be a little weird. Okay, the audience is going to be pretty up front at a Garth show but how come the band are mixed so weird? Callin' Baton Rouge is one of the worst - I was listening in my car wondering what was wrong. I was expecting the band to sound like they were at least at the show. Vocal and fiddle onstage while the band plays in the dressing room - who's dumb idea was that? Live albums don't have to be mixed through a layer of mud.<br> And the other thing that I would like to have seen done differently: Given that the shows are recorded at various places with different line-ups they could have at least told us who and where on a per song basis.<br> Oh, the studio bits don't work for me - too jarring.<br> Other than that the album is okay...not what I was expecting but not bad.N

11-17-1998, 12:40 PM
I feel the same way..I expected that you would feel like you were listening to a Garth concert, not the Hits with applause tracks in the background..And whats with the studio stuff, and how bad does Callin Baton Rouge sound?..The talking between the second and third verse of FRiends couldnt sound any more fake..I love Garth, but a little more effort would be nice.N

11-17-1998, 03:04 PM
I guess you can't please everybody. :( I thinkd it is unfair to say Garth didn't give enough effort. The studio work and all the live recordings he did shows Garth was trying to make a good live album. I just recently bought a live album and I can tell you Double Live is a much better quality.N

11-17-1998, 04:19 PM
I'm disappointed, too. Although, like y'all, I'm a devoted fan, this album could've been much better.<p>I agree about "Callin' Baton Rouge". I didn't like it at first, but it has grown on me. I think it sounds different because actual members of the New Grass Revival are playing with him. I know the booklets credit Bela Fleck on banjo.<p>A "raw" live album was what I was expecting, but I guess I'll "settle" for this.N

11-17-1998, 06:02 PM
I'm glad you brought it up first, HannahJane, cuz I was about to. The thing I always liked most about Garth in concert was listening to the little things he says between songs. I love when he talks about why he wrote a song or what a song makes him think of. You know, cool stuff like that. I guess I was expecting a live album like Chris LeDoux or The Eagles have put out in the past. I agree with several who have said this before me, I didn't really want to hear a poor quality, live-recording of The Hits. The new songs are kinda cool though.N

11-18-1998, 03:06 AM
What's up with everyone???!!!<p>All I've been reading lately is how dissappointed everyone is with Garth, for one reason or another. It's become very discouraging to read posts....some threads I just avoid altogether now.<p>Thank you Garth4Life for reminding everyone that Garth never considered this a "Live" album or a "true" concert experience (<b>nothing</b> could ever compare to being there). He tried to give us something to help remember our concert experiences while at the same time entertaining those who don't like live albums. He said himself, he wanted to make something his dad could listen to (evidently he doesn't care for live albums).<p>I for one really like the album. No... it doesn't have the "electricity" or energy of actually being there, and I must admit that for a split second I too was "dissappointed" about that. But after listening to it I came to appreciate the sound of the album and enjoy it on it's own merit. The perfomances stirred and moved me. I liked that it didn't have the crispness of a studio album or the "tinny" sound of a totally live performance. I thought the combination was quite enjoyable.<p>Let's stop expecting so much from this "ordinary man". We've become spoiled, selfish and whiney. Let's just enjoy the music......that's what it's all about anyway.....right?<p>Just my .07 :)N

11-18-1998, 03:57 AM
I was also disappointed when I first listened to the album. At the end of Ain't Going Down, which I couldn't wait to hear live, the backup singers sound like a gospel choir. This must have been added later, and ruins the song in my view. However, after listening to the album a secons time as is, not as I wanted it to be, it's still classic Garth. Enjoy what's there, not what you wanted to be there.N

11-18-1998, 06:08 AM
I would have to agree with Paloma on this, I hope you all go back and read your posts, you sound like a bunch of spoiled children!! <br> "Im dissapointed"<p> " Vocal and fiddle onstage while the band plays in the dressing room - who's dumb idea was that? Live albums don't have to be mixed through a layer of mud."<p> "The talking between the second and third verse of FRiends couldnt sound any more fake..I love Garth, but a little more effort would be nice. "<p> "but I guess I'll "settle" for this."<p> "I didn't really want to hear a poor quality, live-recording of The Hits. "<p>Do you all work at recording studios? Since when do you direct country singers? Remember a few things here.... This is GARTH BROOKS cd, his ideas, his hard work. Yes, I think he worked very hard on this project. And dont forget, you can always return, sell, trade your copy, Im sure some other devoted fan would appreciate the chance to have your copy and they would love it no matter what! I sure hope Garth Brooks DOESNT read this fourm, because this is pathetic, people who call themselves fans bashing him.........How sad.N

11-18-1998, 06:50 AM
"Listen not to the critics who put their own dreams on the shelf."<p>How You Ever Gonna Know<br>Garth Brooks :)N

11-18-1998, 07:04 AM
It is really sad to see all these negative remarks. Who the heck do you think Garth is God? No matter what he does their are always people who think that they have all the answers. Well I happen to think that there is no better live album on the shelves. It captures the energy of the concerts and also mixes in the unexpected in the studio. I think it is awesome that he put the background music of the ocean through the first verse and then BAM! he through it out live. It is obvious that tremendous effort was done to create this album. All you Garth bashers should stay away from the Planet Garth web site and go root for the Spice Girls or something.N

11-18-1998, 08:05 AM
I'm going to have to agree with the previous few posts. You guys are a disgrace to Garth fans. Why are you complaining??? You got a low-priced double CD with 25 songs (17 #1 hits). I would have bought the album just for the three new songs, not to mention guest Steve Wariner and the duet with Trisha. We finally got the 3rd versions of FILP & TTR. Sure, it may not all be "live," but I have a feeling it's better this way! It probably wouldn't have sounded right if it was "live," and then you guys would be complaining about that, and about your city not being on there, etc. This may be the closest thing we have to a live concert from Garth for the next couple years, and you should be greatful for that. I'm so dissappointed in those "so-called fans" that are dissappointed in the album. How can you be so critical of such a great album? And I mean Grrrrreat!!!<p>Great quote Krash!!N

11-18-1998, 11:57 AM
This topic is posted under the main forum in a thread titled "Double Live comments" and also in the Upcoming Releases forum under the thread "Anyone else disappointed", so I'm posting this on both threads:<p>OKAY, I'M AM STARTING TO GET <b>REALLY</b> PISSED OFF AT PEOPLE TELLING ME TO STOP COMPLAINING, ETC. Those of us who posted negative comments about <i>Double Live</i> were not "bashing Garth". We have the right to express our feelings about this CD just like you do.<p>YOU HAVE <b>NO RIGHT</b> TELLING ME I'M NOT A TRUE GARTH FAN, ETC. I have been a daily visitor to Planet Garth for several years, not just the past week like many people here! I was a regular here back when Planet Garth was at RoughStock. Don't tell me I'm not a fan just because I posted negative comments about one of his CDs.<p>Whoever said I was "complaining" is full o' crap! Whoever said I was "*****ing" is full o' crap! I was not "*****ing" or "complaining"! And no, I am not a "spoiled" child! But, I <i>am</i> free to express my opinion of one of Garth's releases on this bulletin board! And don't tell me I'm not a fan because of it!<p>I am very pleased with <i>Double Live</i>. The price is a great deal, and Garth did an EXCELLENT job putting it together. I just happen to disagree with the "overproduction" that took place. However, I still love the album. It is all I've listened to for the past two days, and probably all I'll listen to for the next few months (until the next Garth CD comes out :)).<p>*sarcasm*<br>Oh, my mistake! :o<br>Garth is perfect! He is sooo great! He is even better than God! He is the best human ever to walk the face of the Earth! I kiss the ground he walks on! Every CD he puts out is absolutely perfect in every way possible!<br>*end sarcasm*N

Rob Burgess
11-18-1998, 12:05 PM
Finding some of us less than ecstatic at Garth's new release, LmonDrop said "Do you all work at recording studios?".<br>Well, not full time and not in a couple of years but yeah, I've done some time in studios as both a musician and a tech. However I could recognise a bad mixing job years before I set foot in a studio - it all has to do with being a fan of music and having a brain.<br>Then, LmonDrop uttered the following: "Remember a few things here.... This is GARTH BROOKS cd, his ideas, his hard work" True, but it's MY money that I paid for this and that gives me the right to be critical. I'm not blindly fanatical like some of you folks appear to be. <p>UofMBob then said "All you Garth bashers should stay away from the Planet Garth web site and go root for the Spice Girls or something." Gee Bob, wouldn't that be wonderful for all you folks? You could all sit around saying nice things without the fear that someone might intrude on your sanctuary and spoil your fun by being critical. Here's a clue, Bob - you learn more when people hold dissenting points of view.<br>jaredev then popped his head up and said;"I'm going to have to agree with the previous few posts. You guys are a disgrace to Garth fans."<br>No, jaredev, we're not. We're just not going to sit back and refuse to air our complaints just because some people think that Garth can do no wrong. As a musician I would rather a fan be a thinking human being...I can only hope that Garth would too.<br>And then jaredev said; " Why are you complaining??? You got a low-priced double CD with 25 songs (17 #1 hits)."<br>Maybe you got a low priced CD - I paid $24.99CDN plus taxes for this thing, which is $1 MORE than the triple disc RUSH live album I bought last week.N

11-18-1998, 01:05 PM
Ok, you are right, you do have the right to express your feelings, as I have the right to express my feelings about ungreatful fans. Reread the posts and the parts that I quoted, they are selfish. And FYI some "Long time" Garth fans have not had the luxury of the internet and have just found Planet Garth, I would hope new or old they would be made to feel welcome, not yelled at for asking questions that have already been covered or expressing their feelings. No one said to be a true Garth fan you need to worship the ground that he walks on, but you should respect his work. This man has spent the last 3 years of his life putting it together for US his fans.<br>Then, LmonDrop uttered the following: "Remember a few things here.... This is GARTH<br>BROOKS cd, his ideas, his hard work" True, but it's MY money that I paid for this and<br>that gives me the right to be critical. I'm not blindly fanatical like some of you folks<br> appear to be. <br> You had the choice (key word) to buy that CD, yes, you payed too much, if you read this fourm regularly or keep up on Garth news, you should know that he was wanting to sell it for $13.88, not $24.99. I have seen it for close to $30.00, but since he has teamed up with Wal-Mart, I chose to buy mine from there at $13.88. But that isnt the issue here. The issue is that yes we can voice our opinions, but I think it should be done in a good way, not an attack against Garth or his fans. Its his CD, his talent, (which we love so much) his choice, his way. It was our choice to support him and purchase it.<br>'nuf said!<br>N

11-18-1998, 01:09 PM
oh, P.S.<br>My original post was not an attack on anyone, I just quoted what some people said. But since I was attacked in these last few posts, I felt I had to stick up for myself. I appologize to those people who are here to read about Garth, not listening to people bicker. =)N

Rob Burgess
11-18-1998, 03:14 PM
LmonDrop Said: "You had the choice (key word) to buy that CD"<br>Yup, I did - and I chose to buy it. I never said it was a bad CD, I just said there are things that I don't like. The problem with buying it on the first day is that you aren't afforded the opportunity to borrow a copy and give it a good listen. Would I have bought it if I'd heard it first? Who knows?<br>LmonDrop also sprach: "yes, you payed too much, if you read this fourm regularly or keep up on Garth news, you should know that he was wanting to sell it for $13.88, not $24.99."<br>And if you'd read my post you'd have noticed that I paid $24.99CDN - that's Canadian Dollars. It works out to about $16.13 US at today's exchange rate. I don't recall Garth saying anything about how much he wanted to sell the CD for in Canada. However, the point I was making was that this "really inexpensive CD" was more expensive than one I bought last week which is a 3 disc set.<br>And, a little earlier in his message, LmoDrop said the following: "And FYI some "Long time" Garth fans have not had the luxury of the internet and have just found Planet Garth, I would hope new or old they would be made to feel welcome, not yelled at for asking questions that have already been covered or expressing their feelings."<br>Let's see, I've been a Garth fan since 1991, I've been on the net since about 1993 and I discovered Planet Garth yesterday. I made a post 'expressing my feelings' and was told to go off and "root for the Spice Girls or something." Yeah, you could say that I was really made to feel welcome.N

11-18-1998, 03:15 PM
My favorite part of the album was "To Make You Feel My Love". I enjoy any song Garth does acoustically and I told him so on his recent trip to Orlando. (This may explain the unusual # of "solo" songs he did on the last night!). I could sit and listen to him for hours just strumming the guitar on a dock by a lake or something. Garth Unplugged...N

11-18-1998, 04:02 PM
I am not an "ungreatful fan".<p>I am not "selfish".<p>I <b><i>do</i></b> respect Garth's work.<p>I did not attack Garth or his fans (unless I was attacked first).<p>You've never met me. You don't know me. Don't make accusations about me.N

11-18-1998, 09:26 PM
I think we can all agree that we all love Garth, and want only what is best for him and his music. Even though I was less than happy with the "Double Live", I do consider it to be a great CD. I know I will be ripped for saying this but I want Garth to take some time off and relax. He puts way to much pressure on himself to be successful. I love hearing the old music on the live album, but what about some of the new stuff? The three concerts I went to in 97 and 98 played mostly songs off the first 5 albums. Only a few newer songs like "The Fever", and "To Make You Feel My Love" are played. I hope Garth takes some time off, writes some new stuff and plays mostly those songs when he goes back on tour. Am I the only one who would love to hear him sing songs like " I Don't Have to Wonder", "She's Every Woman", and "When No One's Around"? I love listening to "The River" and "Unanswered Prayers", but we have all heard them before. I want to hear the new stuff. I also think this will help prevent Garth from feeling burned out like his is now and was in late 1994, early 1995. N

11-19-1998, 04:49 AM
well said Krash!!<br>very true, very cool. N

11-19-1998, 06:03 AM
It sure seems that I have caused a little commotion. <br>First, let me say that I never intended the original post to seem so negative or that I believe Garth to be God and could do no wrong. <br>What I was expecting with double live was something comparable to a live CD, maybe not a full concert, but not something remastered of what I bought a few years earlier. Granted this is the only place to get the third verses, but the CD is a tweeked version of "The Hits." <br>Double Live is good in it's own right with "Unanswered Prayers" and such, but it just doesn't have that Garth flare that I was expecting. <br>That added to last night's Live TV special, it just seems that it has come time for Garth to take a break. God, he's been at it for almost three straight years. <br>For everyone that said that I am not a true fan for complaining, you're wrong. I know what I like and what I don't. Yes, it was a great price for the CD, but I would rather pay $20 and see him live. I have been to enough concerts to know that the CD isn't live. I am not so blind in believing that Garth can do no wrong that I automatically love and worship everything that he does. <br>If you don't agree with me, that is fine. If you do, that is fine to, it's just my opinion.<p>HannahJaneN

11-19-1998, 06:47 AM
To theking:<br>I'm sorry this has taken on such a personal note for you. I NEVER personally attacked you. I NEVER personally ripped you for your opinions. If you go back and reread my post I stated that you and everybody else is entitled to their opinion. So too am I. I expressed how I felt about people being negative about a truly great CD. If you are "pissed off" about this then you are taking it WAY too personal. I just expressed my opinion that I think the negativity is uncalled for regarding this CD. The expectations were really high and every single person has a different interpretation of what should go into a Live CD. But, all things being equal, I think Garth has truly put out a product that we can all enjoy. As you said yourself, you will be listening to it every day, I'm happy to hear this and I hope that as you continue to listen you will find POSITIVE in what you hear, not negative.<br>I have been the only person in this thread to say anything about "*****ing", so your response was pointed at me, that is why my post is pointed at you. Maybe I should not have been so forward in my original post, but you have NO RIGHT to say I am "full o' crap". There were several people who agreed with my original post and I think the consensus is that we love this CD. My opinion is still the same……enjoy the CD for what it is and find the positive in this product that Garth has put out for us.<br>N

Juan Luis
11-19-1998, 10:26 AM
100% agree with LmonDrop.N

11-19-1998, 11:29 AM
I really should be doing my paper for my Delvelopmental Psych class but, felt I had to throw in my .05 cents. I was only very slightly dissapointed at first, I now enjoy the album VERY MUCH. I at first, was also expecting, a live concert album like, the Dirt Bands "live two five" of Elvis' "as recorded at madison square garden" both of which I own, but this disc blows both of them away. I get chills when I hear Thunder, of WSBF, I back at the Target Center when I hear FILP, and just want to scream and shout when I hear Tearin' it Up. I've notice on Elvis' Garden concert, you can hear spots where he is turned away from the mike, and what he says/sings isn't picked up. Granted it was recorded 25 years ago, they could go in and "clean it up" for the CD release but, never did. And maybe it's because I never saw Elvis in concert, but when I listen to it, I don't feel that I was there, I get that feeling with Double Live, the only this is I wish there was more dialogue from Garth on there. Enjoy and have a Garth Thanksgiving<p>GaryN

11-19-1998, 11:46 AM
WOW I am very disappointed,, I have not heard the CD yet and am not sure I am gonna buy it now, I feel like you all that the hype behind it was definatly to make us all feel like we were the one special one that was gonna make it on the album I mean at our concert in Salt Lake,, he even told us about the album and said that it was already done and was just getting the finishing touches but we wasn't quiet happy with all the versions of "The Dance" and so he asked us to help him and after he looked up at the sound guys and said "Yeah I think that was it"<br>So I very disappointed that I will never know now if it was us or some other concernt or if it was a bunch of them put together,,<p>I LOVE GARTH AND HE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE BUT<br>I FEEL HURT AND A LITTLE LIED TO!!!!N

11-19-1998, 03:20 PM
I wasn't in the least bit dissapointed! It couldn't have been better in my mind! Some of the studio into live is great! Like 2PC's! That rocks! Someone says that the 'gospel' sound on Ain't Goin Down.. must have been added later. It is from Texas stadium and it was when garth had Vic Shaw & two gospel like singers as backup singers. Rent This Is garth Brooks Too! and see for yourself!<br>I mean really peopl, I know you are entitled to your opinion but I know that this is the best CD I will ever own and I haven't stopped listening to it. It reminds me of my concerts! The little changes he makes, like in Beaches of Cheyenne, and Standing Outside the Fire, the third verses, the words before The Dance, the new songs which are incredible! He can't exactly include words before every song, it would be SO long and he doesn't say the same things at every concert and let's remember, it was from a bunch of concerts. Most people put out a live CD from one concert. garth wanted to perfect it for us, so he did over the course of 7 years! I mean, it's garth! What could be better than a CD from Garth, not to mention a LIVE CD!!N

Love Double Garth
11-19-1998, 04:29 PM
I will have to agree with Krash. Garth has given us 10 years of his life....what more could anyone ask for?? In my opinion, anything that we get from him is a major plus!! I have to admit that the CD wasn't what I expected either, but I love it all the same. I am glad that he didn't do the talking and stuff between the songs because I have my own wonderful memories from the concert that I went to in October, and to hear something from another concert just wouldn't be the same. So when I hear the live songs on the "DOUBLE LIVE" I can always think back to when he sang them at the concert that I went to, and how much fun I had spending that one special night with him. <br> We can't have everything that we want....just be glad for what you have. And be glad that Garth has given us 100% these last ten years.....I appreciate it! He is the best there ever was!! N

11-19-1998, 05:17 PM
Jess19, WHERE OH WHERE can one go out and rent a copy of This Is Garth Brooks Too!?!?! Maybe you meant "too" as an addition to what you'd already said, 'cos I've yet to see this GEM availible on (legitimate) home video!! What friends in low (or high) places do you know??<p>Troyal, I, too, go to Garth concerts to hear the new stuff just as much as the old stuff. I don't like the way he "apologizes" to the crowd when he plays a new song! He shouldn't have to do that!! THAT'S what I'm there to hear, personally. I felt lucky when he played "It's Midnight Cinderella" at a show I saw a while back. He did "Alabama Clay" AND "She's Every Woman" at a more recent show. I was overjoyed!! He just seems like a kid in a candy store when he plays those lesser-known songs, ESPECIALLY when someone holds up a sign for it. It's like a break from the routine and I'm happy to support the change of pace!!!<p>If I ever get the chance for a command performance (yeah, AS IF!) I'd surely surprise the man with my requests!N

G Man 7
11-20-1998, 08:06 AM
AMEN! Very well said GarthFanCanada! I only disagree with one thing, I am an American Garth Fan and I do care about him and his music. It does, however, seem that a lot of people don't. Garth Double Live is an AWESOME album, and some of my favorite parts are the studio versions melded into the live versions. This makes it even more EXCITING! When I listen to it, it takes me back to when I saw him in concert. And even if it didn't, It would still be a GREAT album!<p>N

Love Double Garth
11-20-1998, 10:07 AM
I agree with GARTHFANCANADA too. And as G MAN 7 said, I am also an American Garth Fan, and I care about him and his music--ALOT!!<br>I am from Minnesota, and I stood in line for a VERY long time to get tickets to his concert, and even if I would have been in nose bleed seats it still would have been the best concert that I have ever gone to because it is GARTH! When October 8th came around I was sooooo nervous, and excited because I was finally going to see him. And hearing the DOUBLE LIVE cd, takes me back to that night (as I said in my last entry). And I am not saying that he is God, but I have seen some awesome concerts (Def Leppard and Sawyer Brown to name a few) and his tops all of the ones that I have seen. <br>I am suppose to go and see Vince Gill when he is in Minneapolis on the 28th of this month, and I know that I will have a good time, but it won't be like the GARTH experience. Nothing will ever top that experience--wait a minute, I stand corrected. If I saw GARTH again, that would top my last experience!! :)N

11-20-1998, 11:34 AM
Garth could put out an album of Hanson songs and I'd love it. I love this album, I have disc 2 in my CD player playing my favorite songs from it over and over and over (Ain't Goin' Down, 2 Piña Coladas, The Fever, and Friends in Low Places). Just those 4 songs from the second CD were worth the $13.88 . Then there's the first CD with wonderful stuff too (Unanswered Prayers, Tearin' it up, It's Your Song). It's just that I have been waiting 2 years for this thing. I was hoping it would be a whole concert, from "The Old Stuff" to "American Pie", with everything in between. I don't care where it was from. Everyone wants it from their own hometown, but I wouldn't care if it was something like "Garth: Live from Milwaukee" or something. (Did he play in Milwaukee?) <p>I'm not complaining about hte quality, I'm not saying that Garth should have done this, or should have done that. What I'm saying is that....many of the songs on this album don't move me much. <p>Some day, I hope Garth will put out a 100% live album, that's all I have asked for.<p>Ashley<p>AshleyCK@hotmail.com<p>P.S. I want to comment to those who think I'm too critical. This is a FORUM. To discuss what we like and don't like. I hope Garth does read these so that he can see what his fans like and don't like. I think we can tell that most of us would have rather had a 100% Live album. There's an idea for the voting booth. N

11-20-1998, 05:24 PM
I agree that Garth has given us all ten years of his life when he could have been doing many other things. I also agree that country music wouldn't be what it is without him. And I do agree that this is a forum where we can all express our opinions. But what I don't agree with is the bashing and name-calling that some people are resorting to if someone doesn't agree with them 100% Share you opinions, be leave the personal bashing out of it.<p>HannahJaneN

11-20-1998, 08:52 PM
GarthfanCanada: <br> I agree with all your points except the one that you criticized American fans. Don't feel offened. I also live in Canada, B.C. (west coast). I know how popular is Garth and he has worldwide audience. However, if you complain about the American fans, then, I must say that people in Richmond (beside Vancouver) suck to hell! I hardly hear any Garth songs in the store, on the street or even from my friends. If I were to complain, I sure the first one to criticize Canadain country fans from the west coast. I know there are fans in Alberta and the eastern part. To be honest, I went to our local CD store just to check if Garth's Double Live is popular here. I think it's ok. I have many friends who don't like country musics--I hate them. You know what, with this "superb" forum, I can freely express my opinion about Garth and his dedication to all of his fans. Of course I love his Double Live. The mixing part impressed me the most. I think Garth has tried very hard to satisfy every individual's need. "beaches of c." moves nicely to "two pina collads"..hey, that's an unique style. Only Garth can come out this..<p>TommyN

11-21-1998, 05:10 AM
Is anyone else getting tired of all of this defensive and reactive arguing? If you love Double Live as much as I do, that's great. If you're less than happy with parts of it, I'm sorry to hear it and I hope you will enjoy more as time goes on and you listen to it more. If not, well, Garth will be coming out with more stuff in the near future that perhaps you will like better. Now please, can we agree to disagree and move on and give up the personal attacks?N

11-21-1998, 06:26 AM
Well said Nancy...Thank you!! This one needs locked up!N

11-23-1998, 06:45 AM
Hi again everyone. After reading some of the replies to my earlier post, I realized that "yeah the album may not be live" but it's a kick ass CD, even though I paid $39.00 Canadian for it. Hell at least I never paid $150 for it. (I paid $150 for 1 ticket in Saskatoon, SK Canada from the Stadium) I hope everyone enjoys the CD!!!<br>P.S. GARTH RULES!!!N

11-23-1998, 09:20 AM
Garthfancanada: you paid $39 CAD for Double Live? WOw, that's expensive! I only paid $26 CAD for mine.. Well, i know it doesn't matter if the cost is too high, because for Garth, everything is worth to buy.N

11-23-1998, 01:29 PM
Hey guys. Boy---What did I miss ? All I ask is that the personal attacks on one another be kept exactly that, Personal. There's email, etc. for that kind of thing. Having said that...I'm very surprised that no one has mentioned the infamous third versus. Personally those are worth my $14.00. WoooooHooooooooooooooo. CrickettN

12-09-1998, 10:18 PM
First of all Honky... i agree with u<br>I'm from Richmond and none of my friends respect Garth either.... but! you can wear them down. Every chance i have, i slip Garth into the car's CD player and they don't mind too much. Last party we had every one sang Friends in Low Places. It was amazing. Just keep prodding them, the music's good. Eventually they'll have to come to the country side!<p>The only thing i do not like about the live album is that there's not enough of Garth talking. I wanna hear Garth! both singing and talking to the crowd, not matter where he is. I would have liked to see American Pie on the CD as well.<p>Canada loves Garth.<br>(Double live is #2 at our local stores, that's really good for country in Canada. Only behind U2)N

12-11-1998, 12:07 AM
ATTENTION: Barnes, please give me your e-mail address. I am so shocked to find another Garthnut from my hometown!! WOW WOW..<br>But, which CD store u are talking about? I knew that Garth did ok at Richmond center.. what about Lansdown center? How old are you? I thought Richmond has no country fan at all!! All my friends dislike country very much!! Oh well, like you said, I forced them watch NBC specials, listen to Garth's songs and his videos.. They are becoming less afraid of country now..N

12-30-1998, 03:04 AM
This is a 2 part post !! Ok so we are all entitled to our opinion BUT, How anyone can say that Garth didnt put enough effort behind this album simply blows me away !!<br>First of all for all that say i was hoping for a live album that goes from 1 song directly to the next...IT WAS $13.00 NOT $21.50 you want live you goto a concert. I have a lot of live cd's from various groups and all have breaks in the tracks of some sort.<br>Secondly This man has touched us in so many different ways, and now the first thing that comes up that we dont like we bash him(be it a small type of bashing).<br>All i can say is, My Grandma told me as I was growing up "If you got nothin nice to say dont say it at all!!!" <br>For a truely live experience Visit this site<br>http://garthpics.cjb.net<br>The Garth Brooks Internet Tribute Photo AlbumN

12-31-1998, 04:52 AM
I think that all of you guys who were disapointed with 'Double Live' are lucky because you can compare. As for me, I've never been to a GB concert and believe me, 'DL' just made me realize how sorry I am for not being able to see GB live. At least the album has that great virtue: to give us - the poor unhappy ones who don't have a chance to go to a GB concert - a taste of what it must be like.N

dunf gbjunkie
01-12-1999, 09:42 PM
i was also disapointed w/ DL. I wanted to hear some covers(but maybe that will be soon) <br>but most of all I wanted to hear Garth tell stories and crack jokes between the songsN

Conor McLaughlin
01-13-1999, 08:11 AM
Where I'm from, Ireland, a lot of critics made DL out to be an awful album with rubbish sound. This put me off buying it. But,I DID buy it (on the first day of release) and was happy with it- I think the fact that the critics had exaggerated a bit made me think it would be awful!<p>I agree with 'Garth4Life'- the studio dubbing is good, especially in "Two Pina Coladas" but also in "We Shall Be Free" and "The River".N

01-16-1999, 09:33 AM
All I know is that Garth is not God, but close to it and any album he puts out is awsome. Ya, there are going to be some albums better than the others but never has Garth put out an album without effort.N

Chanandler Bung
02-03-1999, 12:07 PM
Lets put it this way....<p>If I wanted to hear an ENTIRE concert (warts and all, if you will) I would hook my stereo up to my VCR and tape Garth From Central Park or Ireland and Back. In fact, I did, and I'm quite pleased with the results. I bought Double Live hoping that it would be a live performance mastered in the studio with skilled producers and a little Garthput aswell. Again, I'm very pleased. It has that big G on the front of the CD so lets remember that. I quite enjoyed listening to Garth's more modernised versions of songs like The River and We Shall Be Free. By the way, whats the deal with Track 13 on Disc 1?<p>GaryN

Debbie R
02-04-1999, 04:00 AM
Hi Gary. Welcome to the forums. Great nickname!!!! <p>The word on track 13 is that Garth is superstitious and doesn't like to end a Cd with track 13. So.... they stuck some crowd noise as track 13 and ended with 14.<br>N

02-04-1999, 08:33 AM
Wow!I hadn't read the posts hear,if I had I wouldn't have worried so much about what I posted about Shania.We all have the right to our opinion.Garth would be the first to tell us that.I have 8 copies of the Double live album.I can tell you that I was dissappointed with the CD in two ways.First and for most was because they cut out all the little wise cracks and goofing off that he does at the concert.That is the main reason I was so excited for this album to be released.The second reason was that it was not at all what I expected it to be.I expected to be transported back to the arena where I heard him live.I wasn't.I have several live cd's and they haven't been reworked.I do love my double live cd's though.I just wanted more out of him.<p>I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am like him I expect the best and only the best from him.I set my expectations like he does way to high.I am glad that he is taking this time off.I hope that he sits back and comes up a way to completely blow us away when he returns.I am hoping that he incorparates more acoustics into the concert.I love his band don't get me wrong,but I want to hear more of him.He has such a beautiful voice and sometimes the band overpowers him.<p>Just my two cents.N

02-11-1999, 11:09 AM
I came upon Garth's Double Live by sheer force, my 8-year old thinks he's the best and convinced me to listen. I'm a fan and that hasn't happened since, well, since Paul McCartney. So now, I went out and bought all his stuff and I'm telling you, I could listen to Beaches of Cheyenne forever..N

02-11-1999, 11:56 AM
Oldbroad,<P>Welcome to PG! :)<P>We have something in common. Before Garth, I was a big fan of Paul McCartney also. There was no one in between.<P>JulieN