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11-17-1998, 06:48 AM
I know this is probably wishful thinking on my part but I swear this is a Chicago concert on this song. I know the crowd sings along at almost every concert he does but it is exactly like he did it in Chicago. I remember how he was smiling and giggling like he was really moved by what he was hearing. It was so cool. :)<br>I will never forget that part of the show. It was my first Garth concert and that song and that moment is part of what turned me from Garthfan to Garthnut. It was just the coolest thing to be a part of.<br>Anyway, even if it isn't Chicago on the CD it sure has taken me back to that moment when the music truly began to become a part of my heart.<br>Gotta go listen some more now :)N

11-17-1998, 01:33 PM
Sorry to do this to you but that song was from the Ireland tour. Didn't you notice the crowd had an accent? Garth always got emotional during this song on the tour, it's part of his act. Chicago probably got mixed in the album with every other city on the tour. I don't considerer this a live album, it's Garth and it's great but I'm upset for being misled.N

11-17-1998, 04:25 PM
Sorry, but I have to disagree with both of you. I am almost positive that "Unanswered Prayers" is from Central Park. It sounds exactly the same as my videotape of Central Park.N

11-17-1998, 05:35 PM
Troyal,<p>Why do you feel misled? In every interview concerning the album, Garth has repeatedly stated that Double Live wasn't a "pure" live album. We have known for quite a while that several cities would be represented on each song, so why would you expect anything different?N

11-18-1998, 01:00 AM
Well, I have an opinion on where "Unaswered Prayers" is from and this is what I think. The first part sounds like Central Park and the latter part sound like Ireland. That's what I think! How could we really know though! The end definately sounds like Ireland to me! :)N

11-18-1998, 06:18 AM
I don't know that the first part is from Central Park, but I'm sure at least part of it is from Ireland. The crowd definately has an accent, but the manner in which he sang it was familiar. I think the vocals might be from Central Park? I know Garth is moved everytime by this song, but it was almost word for word, inflection for inflection, and that's impossible to do, like writing your name, unless your a master forger you can't write your name the same way twice. It's similiar but not the same. So with this sounding so familiar I am inclined to believe I have heard it before, and Central Park comes to mind, but it might have been from Ireland & Back.N

11-18-1998, 11:39 AM
After listening again, I would have to say it's a mix of both Central Park and Dublin. Probably the crowd from Dublin and the Garth vocal from Central Park.N

11-18-1998, 11:39 AM
After listening again, I would have to say it's a mix of both Central Park and Dublin. Probably the crowd from Dublin and the Garth vocal from Central Park.N

11-18-1998, 08:06 PM
Sorry guys. I was at the Garth Brooks concert in Salt Lake City in July and Garth told us that although they had officially stopped recording songs for his Live album a few cities before us, that through all of the hundred of hours that he had of 'Unanswered Prayers' he was not satisfied with any of them. He then said that he brought the recorders with him that night. The crowd went nuts when he started to sing and soon we were so loud that he stopped and just let us sing away. <br> When the song was over he pointed to the recorders and said that that was the one he had been looking for and to use it. He then tipped his hat to the audience and thanked us for giving him that song.<br> I remember that night well and I remember singing it just how it is on the album. Sorry, but I believe Garth and so I believe that 'Unanswered Prayers' was recorded in good ole' Salt Lake City.N

Lost Soul
11-18-1998, 08:52 PM
I know this is probably a tough idea to get anyone to believe, but at the very beginning of Unanswered Prayers a guy yells something out. Me and my friends may be crazy, but we remember that yell and so it is my contention that that track is from a Tucson, Arizona concert.N

11-19-1998, 06:21 AM
Wow...I guess I really got you all going with this one !!!<br>Bottom line is...it really doesn't matter where its recorded from....its doing exactly what it is suppose to do...For each of us its taking us back to a place in our hearts of our own concert memories and the great experiences we all had.<br>When you really think about...How could we ask for more than that :)N

Lost Soul
11-19-1998, 06:29 AM
I'm going to have to agree with you on this one. It doesn't matter where it was recorded. To me it really does bring back the memories of being at the concert. Listening to the audience on this song is heartwarming. Garth even seems overwhelmed by how much the audience got into it. It just reminds me that it was the most awesome concert I've ever been to or will ever go to . . . until he comes back. Still, it would be nice to know. :)N

11-19-1998, 08:31 AM
From what I hear, "UnAnswered Prayers" is from Evansville IN, back in the end of March and Beginning of April. The part on it where he says " Yeah, after the crowd is singing along" was from that show...or so I hear from Local radio stations. Anyone know for sure?N

11-19-1998, 08:38 AM
I've said it before but I don't think we will ever know where these songs came from, they are bits and pieces, how could anyone possible tell, how many shows has he done.....hundreds? I don't know how anyone could know! As for the "Yeah" part, he said that in the same place in the Ireland show I saw on TV!!! I'm not even going to guess where these songs are from, it's an uphill battle!!! :) I just listen and let my imagination take me to where ever it wants to go!!! I think that's one of the cool things about Double Live!!! ;)N

11-19-1998, 01:35 PM
Just a quick post to put you all out of your misery about Unanswered Prayers.<p>While GB was in Ireland last week, he did an interview on the National Radio Station and said that Unanwered Prayers on the Live Album is from Croke Park - Dublin, Ireland and also Shameless. :DN

11-21-1998, 04:39 AM
O.k. I see that everyone wants it to be the concert that they attended. So what I choose to believe is that they mixed all the crowds that they could into that song because every concert and every crowd really gets into that song. It is the one song that gives me chills up and down my spine, and it is the song that takes you back to what ever concert you attended.N