View Full Version : Gotta love this CD!

11-16-1998, 08:40 PM
This is in my opinion the BEST live album ever made. I just got it at 12:30 and have not stopped listening yet. Every song have just been improved 1000x over by hearing it live. It takes me back to when I saw him in concert and he gave me GARTH bumps. If this CD does not sell 1 million copies this week, I'll be shocked. It's the best 13.99 that I will ever spend!N

11-16-1998, 09:08 PM
I AGREE! :) BEST LIVE EVER!<p>Just got mine a few minutes ago, just started it, on "Papa Loved Mama" now. Very Cool!<p>I was also able to get 1 of those All Access badges that they have at Wal-Mart, I know the night manager and he hunted one up for me, also Very Cool! :)<p>TracyN

11-16-1998, 09:32 PM
I think the designs on the actual CDs are very well done. I especially love the Central Park apple thing.<p>Our Wal*Mart didn't have the two covers that I wanted the most - "This Is Garth Brooks, Too!" and "This Is Garth Brooks!" (I'm a Texas boy). At first, they only had out the "Central Park" and "First Edition" covers, and I asked a stockman and he said that's all they had. Then I asked the night manager, and he went and found the "World Tour II" and "Ireland & Back" covers for me. VERY NICE; VERY COOL!N

11-17-1998, 01:36 AM
I just got back from Wal-Mart, I'm up We Shall Be Free, love this album. They only had out the First Edition and the Dublin albums, the guy said they still had to log bar codes for the other covers, but they'll be out by 11, well being a college student and not having class till 2, actually a test at 2, I'll be back at Wal Mart around 11, in the mean time, I'll listen and study. I love this album!!!1N

11-17-1998, 04:01 AM
Garthaholic,<p>That employee told you a bunch of crap ("logging the bar codes"). I checked after I got mine, and all the bar codes are the same!N