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08-10-2001, 10:34 PM
Does anyone know if Garth is to be at the OPRY on August 18th? That's the show I think will be on TV? It's to have Brad Paisley, Vince Gill and others.

Also someone mentioned Garth to be in Kansas City for perhaps a co-billing in August??? Anyone know anything?? :confused:

While we're talking about Garth, he's got a Lexus?? I was wondering about......the roominess of the back seat? I thought Garth had a Silverado or Navigator or Corvette? WOW, I was thinking if he's got a new vehicle he may have ONSTAR or the like......then we can track his whereabouts? :cool:

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08-10-2001, 11:44 PM
GB is not scheduled for the Opry anytime soon. He's got books to read for the kids. That's his only public appearances.

08-11-2001, 02:44 AM
CMT Salutes the Grand Ole Opry

Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Vince Gill, Faith Hill and Lorrie Morgan
are just a few of the artists who share their experiences about being
on the Opry as CMT Salutes the Grand Ole Opry all week beginning
Monday, Aug. 13. Then tune in for the Opry's CMT premiere on
Saturday, Aug. 18.

08-11-2001, 10:47 PM
Last we heard he has a Chevy truck, Navigator, and a Lexus don't know what else though. :)

Leanne & Michelle

08-11-2001, 11:11 PM
Thanks for cleating that up, L&M.. very :cool: :)

Vanessa :)

08-12-2001, 12:02 AM
Garth's Lexus is an SUV.

08-12-2001, 12:08 AM
Thanks J for clearing it up even more so :)

Vanessa :)