View Full Version : Garth lets the fans have the last word

11-16-1998, 12:06 PM
I think the way Garth doesnt sing the last words of "The Dance" but instead lets the crowd finish it is such a cool thing! Even though it is his favorite song to do, he let's the crowd have the last word....the last word of the song, as well as it also being the last word on the album! And, in one of the CD covers he says ".....And to God and "the people", You are the reason for all things I treasure, I could never make You as happy as You have made me." Very cool, indeed.N

Sarah in oz
11-16-1998, 06:58 PM
Yeah cheryl, I love that quote.N

Debbie R
11-18-1998, 05:46 AM
I wonder if The Dance is from Ireland. It sounds like they're doing that OLE chant in the background. Anybody else notice that ?N

11-18-1998, 12:32 PM
I noticed it.N