View Full Version : I've got Double Live, and I love it...

11-16-1998, 08:56 AM
I got a UK copy today, it's so cool! Well worth the month wait and 18.<p>It hasn't got any foil first edition stickers, but it does have a European cover with Garth surrounded by European flags.<p>The album though is very cool indeed, the booklet is HUGE (By CD standards).<p>If you've preordered, you'll love it. If you're going to buy it, you'll love it. If you already have all the albums, you are missing out BIG TIME!!<p>ChrisN

Debbie R
11-16-1998, 11:50 AM
Hey Chris,<p>I can't wait to get home. My preorder from walmart should be waiting! <p>Anyway, what are the different flags on your cover? If you can get more you might want to. You can probably trade them to some people in the US for different covers, if you're interested in that.N

Debbie R
11-18-1998, 05:43 AM
I'm curious which flags are on your cover? N