View Full Version : 25 or 26??!!??

11-15-1998, 03:32 PM
TexxNutt,<p>Why were those threads closed?N

11-15-1998, 03:48 PM
I closed the thread.<p>I wanted to close one because they were duplicate posts. As a result the system closed both. Another bug to be fixed.N

11-15-1998, 06:15 PM
sorry about that double click.. the target or kmart ad today said 26 too.N

Sarah in oz
11-16-1998, 07:10 PM
There's 26.<p>I can't remember who replied to your post but he's correct. There is no 13 (just crowd noise and immedately goes to 14 on disc 1<br>But about this superstious thing guys. There is a 13th song on SEVENS and one on THE HITS as well!!!N