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08-05-2001, 05:05 PM
Mothers’ Tears

A baby cries;
sweet, soft sound.
New life from above
Bringing joy, hope, dreams, eternal love.

Mothers’ cry
mothers’ tears.
Love flowing.
Liquid prayers.

First word.
First step.
Days of laughter, learning.
Baby soul, body, mind turning
into adult; strong, healthy, capable.
Then, Graduation Day.

Mothers’ cry
mothers’ tears.
Love flowing.
Liquid prayers.

New job. Good pay.
Blessed wedding day.
Talk of children of their own.
A new home.
Circle of love enlarging
Life so good, joy surging

Mothers’ cry
mothers’ tears.
Love flowing.
Liquid prayers.

Telephone rings
late one spring.
Divorce was pending,
Substance abuse, spending.
Come now - car wreck.
Screams at the scene

Mothers’ cry
mothers’ tears
Love flowing.
Liquid prayers.

Demolished car still burning
Emergency vehicles, lights turning.
Bodies burnt, torn, and tossed.
Baby cries one last time.
Hearts break at the sound, as might minds.
Jail for driver, lives lost.
Grief too deep to bear.
Too much died, then and there.

Mothers’ cry
mothers’ tears
Love flowing.
Liquid prayers.

M.M. Ghrist
copyright August 5,2001

08-05-2001, 06:17 PM
OUCH!! :(:( That one is great Hawk, but soooooooooo sad:(:(
This is like the saddest song I have never heard.

It really makes you think and appreciate what you got!


08-05-2001, 11:29 PM
Thanks Brian -

then the song captures the feelings of a parent that loses a child - in any way!

and that is important to me - so others can understand the grief and the importance of their lives to others.

Appreciate your reading it and responding to the emotions.


08-05-2001, 11:42 PM
This is very good Hawk, :) but so sad!! :( :( :( :( It should remind us all of what we've got!! :)

Vanessa :)

08-08-2001, 04:36 PM
*blinking back tears*

Very moving Hawk.

Harley's birthday is this month.

But i don't know where he is. :(

your words mean a great deal to me.

Hope to hear more.


08-08-2001, 11:51 PM

...This summer has been more filled with loss of loved ones than any I've ever experienced. Whether it be family or friends.

You did a great job, Hawk. "Liquid Prayers" really caught my eye each time.


08-09-2001, 01:09 PM
Littlebit - to not know of a loved ones whereabouts is so very difficult! A unique form of grief without form or eventual resolution. :( Ongoing, invisible pain.

Nash - my thoughts/prayers are with you. Grief is part of loving - it's the loss of love that hurts! Part of the wisdom in "Love does have teeth" (a Garth quote).

This one brings tears flowing from my eyes too. As have scenes like are described. All the hopes and dreams that die with the people at a scene like that. Thanks all for reading and relating.

Sometimes I wish life didn't have so much suffering built into it - but no suffering - that's heaven isn't it?