View Full Version : Double Live NBC special and Wal-Mart special

11-14-1998, 01:29 PM
Hi,<p>I was wondering if anyone would be interested in taping the Double Live NBC special in the mountain time zone and trading it for a copy of the special in the eastern time zone? I had previously thought that the mountain and central time zone shows would be the same, but I saw recently that the eastern and central shows were the two that were the same. If anyone would be interested in this, please e-mail me at<br>lipps@kih.net I won't be able to answer my e-mail until Sunday evening, but if you are interested, please contact me so we can trade addresses. <p>Also, if anyone is taping the Wal-Mart special, I would love to purchase or trade for a copy. Please contact me and we can work something out. Thanks!N