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11-12-1998, 06:49 PM
just got an e mail from walmart saying my gb cds have been shipped! i have heard a few live songs and theyre great . im trying not to listen so i hear it all on the 17th. it will be here before we know it!! im looking forward to this more than any of his cds so far. N

11-13-1998, 01:06 PM
imgbjustnotTHEgb,<p>I received my confirmation yesterday, as well. And it's just the coolest thing that from my Wal-Mart order, I can link to the UPS tracking system for my order and see the tracking from point to point !! <p>OK, OK, it's doesn't take much to excite me, huh !! :D<p>Can't wait, just can't wait for my early Christmas present to arrive !!N

11-13-1998, 05:50 PM
I can hardly wait. I heard It's Your Song on the radio and just watched Tearin It Up and Burnin it Down. I am soooooo exicited. Mostly I am exicited to hear the famous third verses.N

11-13-1998, 07:48 PM
Hey sandytoo,<br>I'm right there with ya on that tracking thing....very cool! And you're right...just seeing them make their way to my house is exciting!!! :) I'm hoping they might even get here on Monday....now, that would be VERY COOL indeed!N

11-14-1998, 09:34 AM
Hey...I've been tracking the U.P.S. shipment as well. It started in Texas and this morning it was in Toledo, OH. I live about an hour north of Columbus. I can't believe it's only a couple hours away from where I am. And the funny thing is I go to college at Bowling Green, less than a half hour away from Toledo. I hope we get them before Tuesday!N

11-14-1998, 03:01 PM
Hey, my UPS shipment arrived in Atlanta today !!! And I'm in a suburb in NW Atlanta, so maybe I'll get my delivery on Monday !!! :DN

11-14-1998, 03:59 PM
I got my shipment notification yesterday. And of course I have been tracking mine also. It looks like we may be hearing the man a day early. WooooHooo!!! I can see that. Can't wait to hear the new duet also!<p>TerriN

11-14-1998, 04:28 PM
Mine arrived in my hometown this morning. If I knew EXACTLY where it was, I'd be tempted to break in and get my hands on it tonight!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!N

11-14-1998, 05:00 PM
it is coming ups right?? i got a certified parcel slip from the post office when i wasnt home today... that cant be it could it??? im not expecting anything else, so my hopes are up, but i guess its probably just an early birthday present.N