View Full Version : double LUCK... im going to nbc AND walmart!!

11-12-1998, 09:49 AM
i cant believe the luck im having this week. won tix to nbc special, and now a friend of mine (now my best friend) won tix to the walmart concert. i cant wait .its been 2 1/2 years since ive seen gb live (pond in anaheim, ca). the dj says its great cus he talks to the fans between taping, so maybe ill get some pix or an autograph!! is anyone going or has anyone been to one of these??? dont know what to expect, but i know gb wont let anyone down. ill let you know how it was and ill decide what to wear so you can see me maybe !!!!N

Debbie R
11-12-1998, 10:09 AM
WOW! You are having a lucky week! Better go buy some lottery tickets!<p>Have a great time and I think I speak for everyone here when I say, we expect a FULL report! Nitty Gritty, Dirt, Scoop, give us everything you've got, gb!! N

11-12-1998, 10:13 AM
You ain't kidding when you say double luck...just going to a GB concert is enough to go crazy over...but two concerts that are for these special events is amazing...very cool!...have fun.N

11-12-1998, 03:12 PM
I know the Wal-mart concert can be seen in Wal-mart stores but where is he performing it at.N

11-12-1998, 06:26 PM
it is at an "undisclosed" location in burbank calif (near hollywood). we ride up to the show on a party bus w/ the radio station, so they wont tell us exactly where its at.N

11-13-1998, 12:51 PM
imgbjustnotTHEgb,<p>Way to go !! You're going to have a blast !! And I'm with Debbie R - you know we expect a full report when you've come down from that GARTH high !!!N