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07-09-2001, 01:25 AM
I wanted to share this with other Garth fans...
I didn't get a chance to edit it yet...and I don't know if
Dale and Amber will be adding to it or not...but I'll share my experience in Philly...which was a great one for me...even if I didn't get the meet Garth face to face.

I know many people were there...I wish everyone would pitch in and bring these moments in Philly to those that couldn't get to go. please? :) Pics too?

anyway...here's some of my story if your interested...

The Philadelphia Experience ...(sounds like a movie huh?) LOL

After finding out Garth would be in Philly...I decided to go...and Dale decided she wanted to go too!
Her vacation was coming up during that week...and the planning was just right.
We decided she'd come with her family and stay at my house for a couple days prior to the Philly event...
or a few days after we got back.
I was checking out sites on the net about the events going on in Philly...and realized it was more then
just the 4th of July show and Garth....the event schedule was like a week long thing!
I decided to reserve a hotel room from the 3rd to the 5th of July...and chose the "Best Western Center
City Hotel"....which I found out about on PG under Cheryl (BlueRoses) topic....I think it was Harriet that
posted this information about the hotel and I want to thank you because it came in handy!
It came to 280.00 for two nights, 3 days stay...which I thought was expensive for a hotel room...
But Dale and I split the cost.
There were two double beds...so, Walt and I had one , Dale and Jerome had the other...her son Michael
slept on the floor and my son Christopher did also...
My friend Amber had asked if she could come along on the trip and she bought her sleeping bag to sleep
on the floor too....
We were only suppose to have four adults and two children...but we squeezed her in the room also...
they just didn't know about it! LOL Thanks Dale and Jerome for allowing her to stay there with us,
I appreciate it.
anyway...I'm skipping too far ahead...I want to go back to July 1st....
Amber arrived first...I was making "chicken marsela" for dinner...so, we got her all set up and plugged in
the tape you sent me "JIM"....LOL...you know which one...she loved it!
Dale and Jerome were a bit lost for awhile...but they got here and had dinner...but we already ate because
I thought they would arrive a bit later.
That night was a magical Garth filled night...and I can't explain...but it was fun for us!
Amber sat in my desk chair with the seat massager going for hours it seemed...LOL....she played on the
net for a bit...then we went through pics of concerts we both attended....and I showed her all the pics of
her I have from the concert in Evansville Indiana I took her too for her graduation present back in 1998.
Dale enjoyed looking at the photos too...and all my Garth stuff...LOL ....she wants her own private room
just like it! she could even feel the Spirit of Garth there....of course he's everywhere around the room!
I let Amber sleep on my bed...and I slept on the floor for the two nights she was here...because she just
had surgery and I was concerned about her.
Dale slept upstairs on the pull out sofa with Jerome for a little while...but came down to my room after
I got up and slept on my bed for awhile...then in my other craft room she slept on the pull out sofa in
there for awhile...so, it was restless for her the first night.
We stayed up talking about Garth and Chris Gaines all night....
Mean while...Walt, Jerome, Michael and Christopher entertained themselves....the kids played games
and the guys talked and watched TV.
The next day was magical too...Dale picked a 'squash' out of my garden...but I never cooked it...LOL
forgot about it actually....and we walked down by the river for awhile....enjoyed the scenery...took pics
of us together...and walked back to the house....we spent most of that day talking...sharing Garth
moments...and listening to music....that night we had fireworks outside...and pizza for dinner.
I was going to cook stuffed peppers...and purchased everything to do so...but we wanted to spend more
time talking...so, pizza was great...LOL...I didn't have to cook!
Amber, Dale and I got along great...and it's amazing to be together with people you love and care about.
Garth's believers doing Garthy things.
I gave Dale my first tour shirt from my first Garth concert in State College Pa. back in April of 1997...and
it's the one they mis printed Garth's eyes brown...and it has him standing in the wheat field...
she loved it and wore it on our trip to Philly.
Now she has her own tour shirt! :)
I'm really happy how the kids didn't really bother us for anything and Walt and Jerome didn't either....it's
like they understood...it was our time to be together....I loved it! I guess they were all thinking about us
too in that aspect.
On the day we left for Philly....The guys all went in one van and the gals in the other...I drove.
we stopped for breakfast....then the rest of the drive is mostly a blurr...
we listened to several artists on the way there...including the "Hope Floats" cd.
Dale enjoyed the song from "Collin Raye" that she never heard before titled "What if Jesus Came Back
like that"...
We made it there just in time to check in...then Dale and Amber went out for a bit....came back for me and
we walked the town....and we walked ...and we walked and we walked.
We went down to the stage area and hung out there for a long time....no Garth....but Jill was there singing
for practice.
Amber talked to a lady and got some inside information...about which trailer was Garth's and all...
she also found out he was staying in the "Four Seasons" hotel...which proved to be true.
then we left there and walked and walked some more....block after block...
I didn't tell them...but my heart was in atrial fribrillation the entire time....I didn't want to go back to the
hotel yet....so, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe to eat.
the wait was 20 minutes...so Amber put a name in for the table.
we checked out the souvenior shop...and I purchased a camara there....and I don't remember if Dale got
anything but Amber got a limited edition stuffed bear.
when they called the name for the table...I almost died....she put the name "Brooks"....and let me tell you
we had tons of people with eyes on us....I was so embarressed...I could've rung her neck! LOL
I had ordered a chicken salad platter...thinking it was a normal meal....well, it could've fed an army!
I had to take most of it with me!
when we got outside...we decided to take a bus back to the hotel since we walked so far....then two
police officers saw us and explained the bus had to be number 33....but I started to get on number 38
because I didn't realize what he meant....I'm not use to city life.
he thought it was a bit funny....and he said a cab would be easier.
so, I said well , how do we get a cab....and he started waving his hand out into the road....and I'm like
looking at him....thinking...this is like New York City.
A cab pulls over and we pile in....the police officer was so amused by us...he was laughing a bit...and
told the cab driver where to take us....I thought it was cool how we made them laugh....probably made
their whole day.
We get back to the hotel...stay for a little while then leave again...heading back down to the stage area.
It was dark out now...but seemed friendly enough.
I heard "We Shall Be Free"...and Garth's voice...but it was only a recording and rehearsal for the show.

That's it for now....next installment coming up.

(Philadelphia part "2"...)

When you hear Garth's voice...even in a big city like Philly...your drawn too it...LOL...
So, I just wanted to go down there by the stage area again to see if he was there for
late rehearsal or something.
Dale, Christopher, Amber and I walked down there...Amber wandered off over by the
trailer area while we sat by between the huge water fountain and the stage area watching
them go through the next days planning for the show to air on television.
They played the song "We Shall Be Free" on cd to fill in the part for Garth....
Not many people were around because it was late...but I found out the next day where
some friends of mine were! The Four Seasons Hotel!!!!
I don't know much about their activities there...so, they can explain if they want to.
Christopher got an idea he was walking back to the hotel by himself...I don't know what
was wrong that upset him...but I didn't want him to walk by himself...so, Dale and I went
trailing behind...and he was already far ahead of us...and made it to the hotel room before
we did....then Walt and I went out to look for Amber but we couldn't find her anywhere.
We looked and looked...then headed back to the hotel...but she had already passed us
somehow and made it to the room before we did.
She said she had a problem with one of the security guards hitting on her and two ladies
walked her back to the hotel because she asked them to.
Amber and I sat up talking for awhile after everyone else went to bed...and she showed
me all her pics from trips she's gone on over the past year...we had to whisper a lot...but
it was fun talking about her pics...she just went to see Trisha Yearwood also...only a few
days before we left for Philly....she asked me to go along because she had an extra ticket.
but I couldn't take the chance with my van not running right...and Walt had to work on it.
So, I had to decline the offer....darn...
The next morning...waking up in Philly....was amazing....especially knowing Garth is in the
same town! Not very far away! LOL
The first time I woke up...which I barely remember...was to a phone call...from someone....
LOL...I talked to this person...and they said something about "coming down there was room
by the stage area for me"....and I fell back to sleep!
When I woke up again...I thought it had been Jerome and Dale that called...and it was only
a dream...but it wasn't! Someone really did call...but I couldn't remember who!
I called Jim who was down by the stage area already...and it wasn't him...he said it was most
likely Cheryl...and sure enough it was! Sorry Cheryl I was still in between dreams when I
talked to you...so, I don't remember a word I said to you! LOL
Dale and Jerome had plans on visiting places around Philly...including the IMAX theater to
watch the movie about "amazing caves"...
So, Walt and I went and had breakfast in the hotel...and I spent most of the day down by the
stage area...I didn't feel good for awhile...and I went back to the hotel...and Walt went down
there and told Cheryl and Jim I didn't feel well...so, they saved my spot for me.
When I was there for awhile...Garth came on and did a dress rehersal....and I was surprized that
he did! Not once...but twice!
He sat down in a chair with his guitar...and he had on dark sunglasses!
When he started to play...he fiddled around with some tunes...without words...and then he sang
some lyrics I didn't recognize but felt I heard before....then he did bits and pieces of songs...
like "To Make You Feel My Love", "The Dance", "Unanswered Prayers", "Friends In Low Places",
and "We Shall Be Free" in it's entirety....I sang along...and everyone was screaming and jumping
up and down when Garth took the stage...it was like being at a mini concert...just for us few that
were there!
When I say few....there were maybe 200 people around , scattered here and there...
Garth read his part also for the show....but I don't remember what he said...I know he sounded great
though! And I listened to him talking and savoring the moment and every word he said.
When Garth finished and left the stage...he came back out again after awhile and did it all over once
more...and I feel he gave us (the fans) a mini concert all rolled up in a few lyrics....he didn't have to
do that...or maybe he wanted to test out singing his songs again on stage in front of people to
relive the memory...but I feel he did it for us...those of us there anyway.
What ever his reason...I'm glad he did...I was happy and I looked around...and I saw others just as
happy...but I noticed Cheryl the most....and she seemed to be in her glory! Holding up her sign
and Garth looking at it...and I read it out loud to Walt....because he only saw the back of the sign...
so, I told him what it said...."God Bless Garth"...
All eyes were on the man...and all hearts yearned for more songs but it wasn't to be...Garth left...
and I went back to the hotel...somehow...after a period of time...I ended up all by myself under a tree
in a park....I sat watching as people were flowing around me....all walking toward the stage area...
entire families...people of all ages...coming to celebrate the 4th of July in Philly....many were there for
Garth....many were there for other stars...or for the occasion...the fireworks...etc...
I sat there on the ground thinking , and crying over something personal...and a black limo drove by...
and stopped by where I was then left...
I got up and walked back down by the stage area...Dale and Jerome showed up...Walt and Christopher.
Amber and Josh (her boyfriend who took a train to Philly)....
Amber had told me earlier where Garth would be and what time....and he showed up there...but I didn't
go over there. She got to meet Garth and so did several other fans...Harriet, Judy and others that post
on the Garthbox.
We sat watching the stage area...then the parade started...and the place was well packed...like sardines!
Dale and I made our way out to the bathrooms there and stood in a very , very , very long line!
Then we made our way back past people which was very hard to do...but we did....and Walt took
Michael with him back to the hotel so he could watch the parade on TV because he couldn't see.
Christopher and I left not long after...and went towards the back further...and sat down where we were
among the trees but not crowded by everyone...we could still see the stage.
Then we left and went back to the hotel while Jill Scott was singing ...
on our way there...I took a pic of Chris with the city in the background...and a black limo pulled out of
the park area right where we were...and I started walking....then the limo came up the street behing us
and we had to cross the street in front of it...and it turned right behind where we were...
I was wondering if Garth was in that limo or not...it was a long black stretch limo....and I think most of
the other people had white limo's.
I went into the hotel...went to my room and laid down for awhile...when
Garth came on TV talking about singing "We Shall Be Free"...and that this was the only thing he was
doing this year....and I decided to get my butt back down to sing with him at least...
I wanted to get closer again...but it was too hard to get through....so, Christopher and I just stood in
an area where we could see a stage and also see him on a big screen they had set up all over the place.
I couldn't hear the first part of what Garth was saying because the speaker in our section wasn't working
but I could hear most of the song...and I sang along clapping my hands.
After Garth finished I went back and laid down again while Christopher , Walt and Michael watched the
fireworks outside. ...they really enjoyed the show....even if it started raining when the fireworks started.
Later , Dale and Jerome came back and we talked about everything that went on...and Amber went down
to sleep in the room which her boyfriend had gotten on the first floor....I went down to see her and to
tell her good-bye...they would be leaving early in the morning. ... I felt sad telling her farewell.
The next morning I had to do the same with Dale, Jerome and Michael...I gave them all hugs...and Dale
a few extra ones for the trip home....and prayed for them to get home safely.
I said good-bye to Harriet and a girl from the Garthbox also...it was nice meeting everyone....it's so much
different to talk to people in person...like I did with Harriet and Judy in the hallways of the hotel.
I think back now...and I realize...none of this would've happened in my life if it wasn't for Garth Brooks.
I wouldn't have the friends I've come to know and love...if it wasn't for Garth either.
All this occured because he sang music that I love...and because I listened to him...
now to think about Garth and the difference he has made in my lonely life...and how he changed that for
me and for so many other people too...I'm most greatfull...
What ever he decides to do is what I want for him....and I know he gave us each other so we would have
friends and people just like him to turn to...even if we have differences sometimes...when I go to bed...
I pray for everyone...all mankind....and I hold no grudges against anyone.
Garth has taught me lessons in his songs that I couldn't learn anywhere else....and in his honor...
I will have a little faith,
I will hold out,
I will walk proud,
I will be free.
and so will you if you believe...

You know...In Philly I met Nelly...and during our conversation....we noticed the different groups of fans.
I know some of us post on PG, Some on the Garthbox, some on the Vine...and most of us in all those
places...and yes we do have certain friends...but I was thinking how proud Garth would be if everyone
would come together and be friends with each other....maybe it's just a dream...but it's a good idea.
We're all doing these things because of a man...Garth Brooks...and we're talking to each other on all of
these forums because of him...and we all listen to the same music and the same messages...
now we just have to get it together and tear the walls down that have been built up between so many
people and "UNITE" like Garth said on the "We Shall Be Free" video....
When we come together as one....we can change the world into a better place...but first we have to start
right in our own place....our minds and hearts.
I think everyone that posts on all those forums...is truly a good person inside and wants more...and I'm
sure Garth would want his fans united....not divided....I'm proud of PG, of the Vine and the Garthbox...
they are all Garth places where you can find someone to talk to if you need to....there's always a friend
here and there...please just think about it...and give each other a chance to be ourselves no matter what
our differences are...."When this world's big enough for all different views, we shall be free"....

-Diane Guest
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07-09-2001, 01:35 AM
Thanks for sharing thgis with us Diane!!! We all really really apprecaite it a lot!! :)

Vanessa :)

07-09-2001, 02:27 AM

it was very nice meeting ya too.. Our conversation was very nice. :) I enjoyed it very much.


07-09-2001, 03:33 AM
Nelly, I enjoyed meeting you and talking on the phone.

Diane, you said a mouthful about our adventure, and I absolutely love your conclusion. I too have strong feelings of uniting with all the people even more since this trip in Philly. It was not only very eye-opening but very heart opening too. May it blossom and grow from there to everyone everywhere!

It's late. Maybe later I'll add more to our story! Good job!

07-09-2001, 11:01 AM

like wise... :)


07-09-2001, 11:47 AM
Amen! Diane, great post!
(That woulda took me three hours to type!) :eek: LOL

All the hardships of that day will never overshadow the new friendships that were made! A couple times I introduced myself to someone wearing a Garth T-shirt only to find out that I already knew the person either from PG, the GarthBox, or the Vine! :cool:

Jim :)

07-09-2001, 12:32 PM

I'll never look at the Four Seasons Hotel the same again!LOL

The greatest gifts Garth has given us are, himself and the love and friendship we share!


07-09-2001, 04:34 PM
Thanks everyone for your kind remarks...

Cheryl...I just have to say one thing...
"Your crazy!" LOL the "Four Seasons" must of thought
so too! :D
did you know two of Garth's tour buses were there also?
one was an older tour bus of his too.
I thought he was flying home to celebrate with his girls?
or maybe he had them with them and they celebrated together in Philly!???? I don't know.

Jim...it took about three hours to type...yes...but that's why I didn't edit ...I couldn't fit everything in that occured...It would take a few days to read!!!! LOL :eek: