View Full Version : Garth in WalMart?

11-09-1998, 10:04 AM
<br>I hear WalMart will air a Garth close-circuit show next week to promote the live album. Anyone know about this?N

11-09-1998, 08:57 PM
Yes you are correct!<p>There will be a Wal-Mart colsed circut tv special. Its starts at 8pm CST and lasts for one hour. It will air the 17th, the release date of Double Live.<p>N

11-10-1998, 12:24 PM
Yes, that is right, and another note, it will be similar to the concert simulcast they did of Garth and Trisha a few months back. GB knows just how to get attention, doesn't he?N

11-10-1998, 03:38 PM
just wondering what trhe trisha concert was like. what should we expect from the g man<br>?N

11-10-1998, 04:05 PM
I saw Garth & Trisha at the five shows they did in Orlando and each show was a bit different. They did two duets per show except the last one where they did three. "In Another's Eyes" was always in there, but they alternated with Trisha's "Walk Away Joe" & "Powerful Thing" for the other song. Only once did they do "Where The Road Leads".<br>I can't wait to see Garth's upcoming TV blitz...N