View Full Version : Double Live Question

11-08-1998, 04:32 PM
I saw an ad for Double Live today that said it would consist of 25 songs from 25 different cities. Has anyone else heard that it would be cuts from 25 cities and if so will they be listed?N

11-08-1998, 07:22 PM
Was it a Wal*Mart ad? I saw the same thing! I think some ignorant-ass marketing person wrote that off the top of their head. Garth said that many cities are represented, and that a song may be from one city, while the crowd behind it is from another city. Garth himself maybe doesn't even know how many cities are represented!N

11-09-1998, 06:42 PM
I have heard the same thing, that there are combined cities for some songs. I do know that Garth will not let the public know which cities the songs are from and it will not be in the booklet but I do know that It's YOur Song is from Vegas.N