View Full Version : Double Live radio simulcast

11-08-1998, 11:49 AM
I just heard on my local radio station here in Lexington (98.1 The Bull) that they will be having a radio broadcast of Garth's NBC TV special on Wednesday November 18th. I don't know if they will be broadcasting the specials in each of the 3 time zones, or just the one in the Eastern Time Zone. I thought you might want to call your local radio station and see if they are also participating in this TV/radio simulcast. Can't wait till the 17th.<p>Rodney<br>N

11-08-1998, 07:26 PM
Thanks, Rodney. If my local station is playing it, I can record it onto a cassette and have <i>Double Live: Volume II</i>!<br> :)N

11-14-1998, 11:22 PM
For anyone in the Oklahoma City area,<br>96.1 KXY will be airing the DL special<br>too! I heard the announcement tonight.<br>Also, on the 17th, Dave and Dan will be<br>giving (YES giving) away copies of<br>Garth Double Live at the Blockbuster at<br>I-240 and Penn between 5am and 9am, so<br>the radio dude told me!<p>See you in College Station,<br>AimeeN

11-15-1998, 11:13 AM
The local radio station here in Philly (92.5) WXTU will be simulcasting all three specials. I'll tape the one that is aired for our time zone and audio cassette tape the other's. I can't wait to see him on Leno tomorrow night either. That'll be great because they always have so much fun picking on each other. N

11-15-1998, 11:37 AM
Cat Country 96.1 here in Easton, PA, will also be broadcasting Garth DL! And tomorrow, all of the DJ's from the station are hosting Garth Double Live pre-release parties at all the local Wal-Marts. This should be a good chance for all the GB fans in the area to get to know each other!N