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06-26-2001, 11:11 AM
Hey everyone

I've been really busy with my two jobs. By the way, some of the bands I work with, are going to be on VH1, on a show called COVERWARS. 3Peace was on the other night. DogVoices will be on this weekend, as well as the benjamins.

Also, ive got a great songwriting demo for you guys. The last one i sent out, I pulled cause it really wasnt ready. This one is professional and sounds really good. One of the songs are on hold by GARTH's producer Allen Reynolds. Another one is on hold by GEORGE JONES producer. Im not singing on the tape (there's a relief... lol). The one who did the music is. But I wrote all the words. So, for those who want a copy, let me know.

The last tape i sent out, it got costly between getting blank tape, recording the tapes, packaging, etc. All i ask for this one is $5. That would help cover the costs. Its got a cool cover done on Microsoft Publisher, and the songs sound incredible. I know you guys are gonna love them. Especially if you liked that previous one i sent out.

The tape includes:

"It Aint Worth It To Be Cruel"
"Would You Cry" - on hold by George Jones
"He Died First" - one of my favorite lyrics
"The Other Me" - on hold by Garth Brooks / Allen Reynolds

Just send me a check/cash/money order for $5 to:

scott roth
5 pahaquarry rd.
hopatcong, NJ 07843

Also, I haven't written anything in awhile, but im starting to get back in it. I've got these two fellow writers (Guitar and Keyboards) and we're gonna start playing the circuit in northern new jersey under the name "FTM".

Here is a sample of my latest song:


So maybe Iím just a little bit scared
Taken time to heed the fall
What if I hit rock bottom
What if it means nothing at all

Maybe I need to be all alone
To understand this feeling within
The world seems to think that Iíve been abused
Cause Iíve got you under my skin

Whenever Iím in pain, you seem to be there
The blood rushes through me, I can feel that you care
Maybe it hurts, but itís worth it to have you inside

Also, I got this other job. I go to people's houses and sell cutco/knives. If you are remodeling your home/kitchen or are just interested, and you live in northern/central new jersey, let me know. Id love to come to your house and give you a presentation.

Scott Roth
5 Pahaquarry Rd.
Hopatcong, NJ 07843
(973) 398-0123
(973) 979-0967

07-01-2001, 10:32 PM
Hey Scott,

Congrats on the busy life. I've never caught the VH1 show, but I'll keep an eye for it.

Cool song and good luck with the new band.

How ironic, my sister used to sell Cutco knives, too. lol We won't be needing the sales pitch...we have one of everything now. LOL