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11-05-1998, 09:56 PM
Hi all...Thanx for all the info about Ordering Live from wal-mart. But I still have questions...Does anyone know if all of the covers will be available on Nov.17th or only the 1st edition. The Walmart web page says I can order the central park cover from them. Will I get it right away or do I have to wait for the first million to sell out? I want the 1st edition too but I was at central park and cant wait to see the pictures inside. His people were taking pictures of us the night before in Central park while he was signing autographs. I wonder if he used them???? Very cool !!!!!!!! Thanx for your help!<br>Peace, Denise<br>N

11-06-1998, 04:57 AM
The first six CD editions will be available, along with the cassette edition, on November 17.N

11-06-1998, 09:07 AM
theking- Thanx! but now can you or anyone explain what they mean when they say it will be different after every million?<br>Peace, DeniseN

11-06-1998, 10:13 AM
Denise4Garth<br>After every million the cover changes, each signifying a different milestone in Garth's career. The music is the same, but the book/cover is different. To see the covers go to:<br>http://www.wal-mart.comN

11-06-1998, 10:48 AM
There's one million of the Limited Edition, one million of the Central Park Edition, one million of the "This Is Garth Brooks, Too!" Edition, etc. When the first six editions start to disappear from stores, they will release a seventh edition, eighth edition, etc.<p>The themes of these future editions haven't been determined as far as the general public knows. One of the editions released on Nov 17 will be World Tour II, so I hope they eventually release World Tour I. I think that'd be a good theme for the seventh edition.N