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Chris Gaines
06-05-2001, 08:24 PM
Check back here in about an hour..

I'll have the FULL LOG of the chat :)

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06-05-2001, 08:36 PM
Here is the full text :)
Log Entry: AOL LIVE [On Stage - 0] 06/05/2001 07:37 PM

OnlineHost: Join us LIVE at 8:00 PM EST for a chat
AOLiveMC4: with singer Trisha Yearwood!
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BrittisLive: Trisha - What is the name of your new CD?
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TRlSHAYearwood: It's called Inside Out

BrittisLive: Trisha -- Do you write all of your own songs?
TRlSHAYearwood: No. I am not really a writer at all. I write some,
BrittisLive: +mine
TRlSHAYearwood: but I've not recorded any of my own songs.
TRlSHAYearwood: I have a lot of great songwriter friends who I go to
TRlSHAYearwood: for songs and luckily have been able to find great songs.

Question: Trisha,
Question: I want you to know that I do really love your voice. It is a soulful
Question: voice and touches my heart. I would like to know what is the best way
Question: to work around the industry to fulfill music dreams that I blew years
Question: ago? I had a chance to go to Nashville
TRlSHAYearwood: The way I did it is the only way I know.
TRlSHAYearwood: I moved to Nashville while I was in college and I
TRlSHAYearwood: tried to meet as many people as I could who were doing
TRlSHAYearwood: what I wanted to be doing. So I met songwriters and musicians
TRlSHAYearwood: and I found that my way into the music business was by
TRlSHAYearwood: singing demos for songwriters.
TRlSHAYearwood: My voice was heard everyday by the very people who
TRlSHAYearwood: needed to hear it. Record producers, lables and artists trying
TRlSHAYearwood: to record songs. And eventually people were starting to ask who
TRlSHAYearwood: the girl was singing on all of these songs.
TRlSHAYearwood: So it was a great way to work in Nashville and get heard.

Question: Hi Trisha!!!
Question: It's your #1 Cuban Fan from Miami. I love you and your music. Wishing
Question: you the best of everything professionally and personally. My question is
Question: the same as always...when are you going to do a concert in Miami? We
Question: love you! Adios! Cecilia
TRlSHAYearwood: First of all, thank you, thank you thank you for the kind words.
TRlSHAYearwood: I don't have my tour schedule in front of me, but I can tell

Question: How old were you when you started singing, and who were your influences
Question: ?
TRlSHAYearwood: you we will be playing in Florida in mid-October.
TRlSHAYearwood: So, please come see us if we come anywhere near you.
TRlSHAYearwood: I was 14 when I started singing in front of other people at

Question: Did you ever take singing and acting lessons,Trisha Yearwood?
Question: You're really a good singer. You inspire me so much,because I hope
Question: to do what you are doing someday. TRlSHAYearwood: school talent shows and church. Bu tI wanted to be singer
TRlSHAYearwood: since I was 5. I was a teenager in the late '70s and early 80s so my
TRlSHAYearwood: musical influences were people like Linda Rondstadt, Emmylou Harris
TRlSHAYearwood: as wellas Pasty Cline and the traditional country music that my parents
TRlSHAYearwood: listened to.
TRlSHAYearwood: Thank you. No, I did not take lessons. I took every opportunity to sing that came
TRlSHAYearwood: my way, which means school plays, musical theatre in college and I
TRlSHAYearwood: just learned from watching others and listenting and singling along with
TRlSHAYearwood: the radio.
TRlSHAYearwood: I think my image has probably changed mostly because I'm
TRlSHAYearwood: 10 years older than I was when I started and I hopefully have grown
TRlSHAYearwood: up a little bit...made a few mistakes in front of the world, but I feel
TRlSHAYearwood: in a good place. I hope that people that I have had a chance
TRlSHAYearwood: to meet in the course of these 10 years feel that they know me
TRlSHAYearwood: a little better after having met me.
TRlSHAYearwood: And I hope that they get a sense that I am normal person like
TRlSHAYearwood: anyone else with the same issues that everyone else has.
TRlSHAYearwood: I don't have... never say never, but I don't have plans to make
TRlSHAYearwood: a straight pop album. I would love to make an album of standards.
TRlSHAYearwood: I love the music of the 40's and would someday like to make a album of
TRlSHAYearwood: big band music.
TRlSHAYearwood: It's very overwhelming as a fan of music, I know that other people's
TRlSHAYearwood: music inspires me and it's hard to imagine that my music can have
TRlSHAYearwood: that effect on someone else. But it's a wonderful complement and
TRlSHAYearwood: thank you for saying that.
TRlSHAYearwood: Good question. I don't know. We have been talking about it for 10 years and
TRlSHAYearwood: so far have recorded two duets that have both appeared on my albums. I
TRlSHAYearwood: hope so. We have very different schedules and we do have very similar

Question: Hi, Ms. Yearwood, JoAnn L. from CA again. So do you think you will
Question: EVER do the duet album with Mr. Garth Brooks? I have waited & hoped
Question: for so so long to hear your two powerful voices blend together again.
TRlSHAYearwood: taste in music, but we also have very different taste in music. So I think it
TRlSHAYearwood: will take a long time to find 10 songs that we both agree on.

Question: Hi Trisha, I just wanted to say I LOVE your new cd and can't wait to
Question: see you perform live at Fan Fair! Out of all the songs on the cd, I
Question: would have to say "Love Let Go" is the most unique. How did you come
Question: about choosing such a song? Congrats on 10 yrs!
TRlSHAYearwood: Thank you.
TRlSHAYearwood: Love Let Go was written by Hugh Prestwood. You might
TRlSHAYearwood: remember him from a song he wrote called "The Song Remembers When."
TRlSHAYearwood: He is one of my favorite writers and I loved the song.
TRlSHAYearwood: I'm looking forward to fanfair. Have a great time.

Question: How can we join your Fan Club?
TRlSHAYearwood: There is trishayearwood.com which has been under reconstruction but is
TRlSHAYearwood: back up and running as of yesterday. And there is fan club information
TRlSHAYearwood: there as well as information on how to join the fan club in the
TRlSHAYearwood: cd booklet.

Question: What is your favorite song on the new CD?
TRlSHAYearwood: That's a tough question.
TRlSHAYearwood: It changes daily but right now my favorite is
TRlSHAYearwood: "I Don't Paint Myself INto Corners." I sang that song with Vince Gill

TRlSHAYearwood: and it's probably the most straight ahead country song on the record.
TRlSHAYearwood: And I just love what it says and I love the melody.

Question: r u really trisha yearwood?
TRlSHAYearwood: Yes I'm afraid so.
TRlSHAYearwood: I have no proof it's me. But AOL would not steer you wrong.

Question: Trisha who is your favorite male artist?
Question: Kim
Question: California
TRlSHAYearwood: Another tough question. I'm not trying to avoid the question, but
TRlSHAYearwood: I have a lot of favorites. I like unique voices. Don Henley, Elvis Presley,
TRlSHAYearwood: Ronnie Dunn from Brooks and Dunn, I thin is one of the best singers ever.
TRlSHAYearwood: And that's it.

Question: what is it like to face all those fans every time u r onstage?
TRlSHAYearwood: It's exciting. There's a rush of adrenaline that you get when you
TRlSHAYearwood: realize that those people showed up just to see you. And it's fun
TRlSHAYearwood: performing is the best part of what I do. Other than making records
TRlSHAYearwood: which I also love to feel that you connect with the audience and that they
TRlSHAYearwood: leave the show knowing me a little bit better.

Question: Trisha - I heard a rumor that you were starring in an upcoming
Question: film - is that true?
TRlSHAYearwood: No. But I do read a lot of scripts and I do make an appearance
TRlSHAYearwood: on the CBS show "Jag" occasionally as a phorensic pathologist. But I
TRlSHAYearwood: don't have any current plans for a movie.

TRlSHAYearwood: Tell your wife thank you but I don't have any children. I do have an
TRlSHAYearwood: old dog and she's fine.
BrittisLive: What's the name of your dog?
TRlSHAYearwood: Her name is Roseanne.

BrittisLive: Do you like performing live or recording better?
TRlSHAYearwood: Well they are different. I love being in the studio. I love finding new songs
TRlSHAYearwood: and making them mine. But then there comes a time, like now when the
TRlSHAYearwood: album comes out that you can't wait to get out there and perform the songs
TRlSHAYearwood: live and get the immediate reaction from the audience.
TRlSHAYearwood: Nobody applauds in the studio.

Question: Hi Trisha,Phil from England here,are you gonna come see us again
Question: soon?
TRlSHAYearwood: Hi Phil.
TRlSHAYearwood: I hope so. We've been to Europe as you know, for the last 8 years
TRlSHAYearwood: and although we don't have a show in Europe on the books as of yet,
TRlSHAYearwood: hopefully we will get a chance to come see you again. It's always such a
TRlSHAYearwood: pleasure to see you and we look forward to seeing you next time.

Question: Who was your first smooch?
TRlSHAYearwood: My first smooch was Chris Kelly. He was in third grade and I was
TRlSHAYearwood: in kindergarten believe it or not. I was at my sister's third grade end of the year
TRlSHAYearwood: party and I ran by him and kissed him on the back of the head while he was
TRlSHAYearwood: sitting at his desk and ran out of the room.
TRlSHAYearwood: I think that must have been a sign of things to come.
TRlSHAYearwood: It's the truth!

Question: What goes thru your mind as you stand in front of a audience of 1,000's
Question: of people?? You were the first county music star I fell in love with.
TRlSHAYearwood: The first thing is don't fall down, don't trip. And the second is enjoy myself.
TRlSHAYearwood: Because if I have a good time, hopefully the audience will have a good time.
TRlSHAYearwood: I love to sing and I try to be very relaxed on stage, and hopefully that relaxes
TRlSHAYearwood: the audience and we can all just enjoy the evening together.

BrittisLive: Does it get easier the more you preform?
TRlSHAYearwood: Yes. For me, it has.
TRlSHAYearwood: Especially since the first year that i toured, I had never been on the
TRlSHAYearwood: road, I had never sung before much of an audience at all.
TRlSHAYearwood: And my first tour was opening for Garth Brooks, so I was terrified to
TRlSHAYearwood: stand in front of his audience with basically one hit and a lot of time
TRlSHAYearwood: to fill.
TRlSHAYearwood: I've gotten much more comfortable as the years have passed and
TRlSHAYearwood: I think I have more fun every tour because I learn a little bit more
TRlSHAYearwood: and feel a little bit more comfortable up there on stage.

Question: Do you have any Guest singers on your new album?
TRlSHAYearwood: Yes. Several. Kim Richie, Buddy Miller, Andrew Gold, Roseanne Cash,
TRlSHAYearwood: Vince Gill and Don Henley, to name a few.

Question: How about a DVD of video's?!!?
TRlSHAYearwood: Yes. We will. We have been asked that question a lot and
TRlSHAYearwood: there are plans to make a compilation video and dvd of my videos. I
TRlSHAYearwood: just want to put something extra to make it special, something you can't
TRlSHAYearwood: get anywhere else, and I need to figure out what that should be.

Question: This is the first time I have noticed that some of the backround vocals
Question: were done by you. Have you done your own before?
TRlSHAYearwood: I have. When I was a session singer, I sang
TRlSHAYearwood: the lead vocal and I sang all my harmonies because it was
TRlSHAYearwood: cheaper and quicker. So when I signed with MCA records it seemed
TRlSHAYearwood: natural to sing my own harmonies. I don't do it very often, because I like
TRlSHAYearwood: the sound of different voices with my voice.
TRlSHAYearwood: But there are times when it makes sense and there are times
TRlSHAYearwood: when I like the way it sounds if I want it to blend and just kind of be
TRlSHAYearwood: in the background. But for standout harmonies I like to use different
TRlSHAYearwood: and distinct voices.

Question: can you give us insight on what the first single is about?
TRlSHAYearwood: Well, it's called "I Would Have Loved You Anyway" and for me it is
TRlSHAYearwood: about leaving your life with no regrets, which is sometimes hard to do, but
TRlSHAYearwood: good for you. The song says you could have avoided the pain, but you
TRlSHAYearwood: wouldn't have to know what you know. And I like what that says.

Question: What is your favorite theme to sing about
TRlSHAYearwood: I like relationship songs. Most of my songs are about
TRlSHAYearwood: relationships. THis album for me seems to be about relationships
TRlSHAYearwood: that don't work out but, there is understanding and responsibility and
TRlSHAYearwood: hope. Light at the end of the tunnel.

Question: Who will be your opening act?
TRlSHAYearwood: This year there will be different people. Last year Kim Richie and Randy Scruggs
TRlSHAYearwood: opened almost all of our shows on tour. This year different people. I'm doing
TRlSHAYearwood: one show in August opening myself, actually for John Mellencamp at Red Rocks
TRlSHAYearwood: in Denver. I'm excited about that. I just sang a harmony on his new album.
TRlSHAYearwood: And other then that, different acts. I'm doing a couple of shows with
TRlSHAYearwood: Keith Urban.

Question: what pop acts are you into? What music do you listnen?
TRlSHAYearwood: I love so many different things.
TRlSHAYearwood: I like everything from Vertical Horizon to Christina Aguelara to anything and
TRlSHAYearwood: everything Prince has ever records. I also love older pop music, Fleetwood Mac,
TRlSHAYearwood: the Eagles, Keb Mo is a favorite.
TRlSHAYearwood: So, lots of different kinds of stuff.

BrittisLive: Thank you so much for joining us. We have so many questions that we can't get to them all
BrittisLive: we'd love to have you back.
TRlSHAYearwood: I would love to.
BrittisLive: Thanks again!
TRlSHAYearwood: Thanks for having me and thanks for the questions.
OnlineHost: TRlSHAYearwood has left the room.
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Chris Gaines
06-05-2001, 08:41 PM
that was for you Russ..

Hope you enjoy it.. :p

Don't say I don't do anything for ya pal :)


06-07-2001, 03:14 AM
cool.... thanks :)

06-07-2001, 03:39 AM
i think its weird that she says Garth Brooks, its kinda odd *shrug*


06-07-2001, 08:53 AM
Originally posted by hugeGBnutt
i think its weird that she says Garth Brooks, its kinda odd *shrug*

-Ari- :confused: :confused: Why is that weird? Am I missing something?

BTW, was that our JoAnn LaChance who asked about the duet album?


06-07-2001, 02:06 PM
Why is that weird? Am I missing something?

Nope your not missing anything; i just found it odd that she said Garth Brooks instead of simply Garth. . .like she is trying to be all formal when talking about him, from what i remember she always called him simply Garth, like i would not refer to my friends w/ their last name(esp. if they were famous .lol.). . .i donno its probably just me, as always i think too much:rolleyes:, hey, no smart cracks anyone(esp. *cough* Jason or Brian *cough*), ya meanies:p


Chris Gaines
06-07-2001, 04:04 PM
hehehe Ari knows me too well ;)

BUt ya know Ari.. she used everyones full name... :p


06-07-2001, 08:31 PM
Maybe some folks didn't know who Garth was.;)

06-07-2001, 11:47 PM
Also, could be she says Garth Brooks cuz she has worked in the past with a producer named Garth Fundis. :)

Thanks for the transcript Jason :)

06-08-2001, 05:55 PM
Thanks Jason! :) Speaking of...Trisha was pretty cool in NY today, she only did a few songs but it was great seeing her again!! Seeing that it was outside in Rockefeller Center, we watched the band go through the soundcheck and Trisha came out to warm up around 7:50A. My friend and I arrived at Rockefeller Center at 4:00AM. Trisha was wearing jeans, which I'd never seen her in person in and it was obvious she was rather not so eager to be doing a show that early . But I got a wave from her while I was singing along to her warming up and when she emerged for the actual show, she looked fabulous!!! :)

I should have some pretty cool B & W's of her as I was only about 20' away from the stage, so Russ I will post them at your site when I get them back. Gotta go watch the tape...only wish we had thought to take a camcorder!!!