View Full Version : Canadian Releases

10-28-1998, 09:44 AM
I have heard tell that Canada will have it's own First Edition release. The foil sticker will be a maple leaf or some such. Is this true? If so please email me at izundar@yahoo.comN

11-13-1998, 10:53 AM
Yes it's true. It was also the same way with Sevens.N

11-17-1998, 02:21 PM
Does it look like the American First Edition with Garth & all the flags? I have a friend who's trying to pick me up one, but all she can find apparently is the American First Edition. . .bummer. We, we'll see.<p>Thanks,<p>IzzyN

11-20-1998, 04:17 AM
If anyone knows were I can get the First Edition fron Canada I would gladly buy or trade the US First Editon. Thanks MuchN

11-21-1998, 09:14 AM
My friend found a Canadian First Edition, I don't know where or how, but she did. It looks just like the American First Edition, but the silver foil seal is a Maple Leaf. Just as was promised. Find a Candian Garth fan, like on the newsgroup or something, I am sure someone out there is willing to pick you up one and send it down your way.<p><br>N

11-21-1998, 10:48 AM
Hey guys,<p>I live in Canada and there are lots of First Edition in our local CD stores. If anyone wants a copy, I can send it to you. Of course, there is a sweet maple leaf on the CD. ^_^<p>garthwhitaker@hotmail.comN