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10-27-1998, 05:13 AM
With all the hoopla over Double Live, lets step back and look at this not from a fans point of view, but from a business point of view. Garth as we all know was a marketing major in college. He sure knows his stuff! What a better way to get true fans to buy the album than to offer different covers after a certain number of copies. Also look what he did with Sevens. Almost the same technique. Look back at when The Hits was released. The big focus was that it was a limited time release. Well as we all know, we can walk into almost any Wal Mart and pick one up today. Same with the limited series. So from a business point of view, the guy is a genius. I'm not trying to criticize in any way becuase I'm as big a Garth fan as they come, just thought it would be interesting to look at it from a business point of view. Can't wait for Double Live!N

10-27-1998, 05:54 AM
Yes, I agree, Garth is a genius, both in music and business. He has an unparalled ability to put both his best interest and the fans best interest first. While making the Live CD with different covers will certainly increase his sales, no one will need to buy them all to hear the music. But for those of us who cant get enough, it will be quite fun and a challenge to find them all. So, rather than narrow it down to just a few pics and stories, they are all available, for whomever wants them. The box set was sold for a great price, which enabled many of us to purchase it, even if we already had the CD's. And for those who were missing some, it was a great opportunity to complete their collections. And what was in it for him? 12 million more albums sold. He knows what people want, and he gives it to them. His low ticket prices are a good example.....he could charge more, but he doesnt. Why? It pleases the fans, and, no doubt, sells more tickets in the long run. Yes, Garth is a genius. And also very generous. Not to mention incredibly talented, big hearted, sincere, fun loving, and most of all, REAL. I know you wanted to leave the fan side out of this topic, but, they seem to go hand in hand. What is good for Garth, is good for us.N

10-27-1998, 06:11 AM
Hey, just thought I'd say that I myself am currently a Marketing major in college, and I love watching Garth work in the business on and off stage. The marketing genious that is there is unreal. I guess seeing how I have no musical talent, I'll have to settle for being like GB the business man. <p>WesN