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05-19-2001, 08:11 PM
The Semester's OVER! woohoo! *ahem*

Had a little more free time lately. :) Here's what came out of it. Hope you enjoy!

The Strength To Stay Gone
2001 Stephanie Shade

It took me two weeks to walk
those fifteen steps to my car
How I hope the hardest part
was just to make it this far

Now I know that I was crazy
thinking you would ever change
Expecting a different ending
when the story stays the same

I'm rushing down this road to anywhere but where I am
Putting cars behind me and what's left of what I have
Forty-four miles to freedom according to the exit signs
If I've got the gasoline, I've got the time
And as long as dreams keep promising to rise with the dawn
Maybe this time I'll have the strength to stay gone

Wondering what might have been
lies far from what was done
Damn this lonely night
for tempting my imagination

But somehow I'll forgive the past
and forget a little, too
You could never be typical
of anything but you

So I'm running against the path that always led me to your door
I hope the stars don't mind if I wish upon them just once more
For everything you wouldn't give and for someone who will
Time will be the only thing that I can't rebuild
My heart needs to mend its strings and sing a different song
Maybe this time I'll have the strength to stay gone

(instrumental break)

I'm rushing down this road to anywhere but where I am
Putting cars behind me and what's left of what I have
Just four more miles to freedom across the next state line
I've still got the gasoline, so I've got the time
Don't worry, you'll learn you didn't love me all along
And maybe this time I'll have the strength to stay gone

...We'll both learn you really didn't love me all along
that's why I'll have the strength to stay gone

"Thanks for your time,"

05-20-2001, 07:06 PM
song:cool: :cool:

But a bit sad huuh??:o

I really like it:):):)

Can I request a song??:)


05-21-2001, 10:59 PM
*heehee* Depends on what you request. Choose one that has music to it. ;) ...which would almost take me out of the running.

And, yeah, a bit sad...but it will be upbeat, I'd bet. Sort of a sad optimism to it.

Thanks for the support Brian. :) It means more than I can tell you.

The test will be to see if I can put my money...well, I don't have much money...hmm. If I can put myself where my mouth is. Ever since Garth announced his retirement, and unfortunately, seems to be sticking with it this time,...I seem to be reading more and more about his beginnings. It's strange. But I've watched the older stuff to see if what he put on the table back then, is what he brings to the table now. It is. The table's gotten a bit larger, though.;)
I know people say to blaze your own trail, but life wouldn't be found wanting if I laid my feet in his footsteps, don't you agree? And imagine...with all that Garth's recieved from his fans...I don't recall anyone ever owing their entire career in music to him.:) From Inspiration to Manifestation to Gratification. In a few years, I'll offer that honor. Nice, huh? ;)


05-22-2001, 08:38 PM
I agree Nash:)

Hmmm I would just like to see a love song *LOL*
Something really sappy;)

A song that doesn't make you think too much I would say:) But not a pathetic love song like they do in other genres:)

Does that make sense??:)


05-23-2001, 05:27 AM
Tha's so wonderful!!
Hope I'd got this stronger blood runing through my veins:)

05-24-2001, 06:44 PM
Thanks, Marga. I'm sure you're always stronger than you think. :)

Brian, that makes sense if I'm interpreting it correctly. lol.

In fact, I have the start of one that could be something, but I'm really skeptical about it. Nothing else is coming with it, so it's hard to stay focused, ya know?

If I can remember how it starts, I'll type it.

"You and I are quite a pair
How'd we find our way to where
we're lying here together?
It's as if we were a song
The first few lines, not very long
with the makings of forever"
Copyright 2000 Stephanie Shade

And then it says "You make life a love song". But I'm thinking I'll make it too sappy...*smacking lips*...for my taste. ;)

But, have no fear...I was checking claims through a system at work (fun stuff)...and I had to pause to write another idea down. It's a shame stuff usually comes when you should be focusing on something else. LOL


05-24-2001, 08:58 PM
To me that sounds PERFECTLY FINE:D:D:D

I would love some more verses though;) I think it will be a GREAT song :D:D


05-30-2001, 07:51 PM
**wiping away tears,**

okey, i was doing fine till this one. {{big sigh}}

Wow Nash, that kinda sums up how i've been feeling lately. (cept i dont have a car and i can't afford the gasoline) Yes its sad, but the truth rings clear thru it. Very emotional song for me.

Girl, you just get to me with the way you write.