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05-13-2001, 12:50 AM
Hey ya'll!! :)

I hope that you like this!This is untitled for now. :) Feedback is welcome!! :)

When people look at me..what and who do they see?? Do they see a smart girl who is a little slow? do they see someone who's a daddy's girl and would do anyone for anything for anyone in need?

No they see someone that they think I am. When poeple look at me..why do they think they see an stuck up smart homor orll student who gets made fun of because she's been in remidial classes her while life??

Do they know how hard I work to get good grades and dfo they best aht I can in all I do? No!! wil they?? probably not!!
Do they know how much it hurts when they make fun of me because I've a SPED (Special Education)??

Will people every know how much it hurtd to always get picked last when playing a game of basebal?? will they ever know how much it hurts to want to have frinds, but not be strong enough to make new ones?

Do they know??Do they care? will they ever know..

Comments welcome!! :)

Vanessa :)

05-20-2001, 07:01 PM
Thanks for sharing Vanessa:)

Remember you have friends here on PG:)


05-20-2001, 08:51 PM
Thanks Brian! :) That means a lotto me! :)

Vanessa :)

05-24-2001, 04:32 AM
Hello Vanessa
Reading it I think that girl is a beautiful one!!!
That's the way for me!!:)

05-24-2001, 09:11 PM
Thanks Marga for your comment!! :)

Vanessa :)

05-30-2001, 07:44 PM

Very nice. i just read it to Sean hes also a special ed student. Since last year. this week his teacher asked all her students to take the person that makes the most fun of them, and bring them to the class. Shes gonna bust thier butts and show them just how hard Sean and the other students work.

When i was done, he said. She just like me. And i reminded him like Brian reminded you that he has friends here too.

You both are very smart and cool people.


05-30-2001, 09:18 PM
That's really :cool: and inspirational to hear from someone like you and your son! He is a very special and :cool: person indeed!! Way to go Sean!!:) :)

Thanks so much for sharing that littlebit!! It fills my heart with prode and joy to hear to say what you did! :)

Vanessa :)

05-31-2001, 06:37 PM
Your welcome :)