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05-10-2001, 02:19 AM
From a recent Country Connection:
The guys in Lonestar have noticed a strange thing happening in the audience
during their performances for the George Strait Country Music Festival. "So
far, without fail, there has been a fight break out during our set at every
single show," says lead singer Richie McDonald. "And it always seems like it
happens during 'Amazed.'"I don't know about anyone else there but I had a hold of my heart through that whole song at the Strait Fest. Good thing!!!

05-10-2001, 07:32 PM
Very cool *LOL*

Different opinions huuh??;);)


05-11-2001, 12:46 PM
Heh, yeah I can confirm this for the WPB portion of the tour. Actually to tell the truth, there were two fights. A guy in our section threw a beer bottle at a cop, and there was a semilarge ensuing brawl. And at the top of the hill( lawn seating not under cover) a bunch of bikers got in a fight. My best friends brother is a manager there and he unded up with a black eye trying to break it up. I dont think they were during Amazed though. I know the Hill-fight was not, actually it was during Tequila talkin( i was pissed cause the ruckess cause me to miss most of the chorus). But yes the fights have been breaking out. But that wasnt the cool part of the concert. After they were done, Lonestar went into Straitland and Performed on one of the small stages....they were like 5 feet away. it was tight.

05-11-2001, 11:22 PM
That's the one I was at too!!! But we had seats. I'm not sure of any fights near me, as this was my very first country concert and I was trying to take in the shows. I do remember the lady sitting next to me getting mad that no one was clapping much during the songs and by the time Ms. Womack did that song about "I Hate Her" or something like that, she did have some of us on our feet dancing and clapping. It was when George Strait performed that I really watched the people. They love that guy. It was a beautiful sight. I wondered if others were seeing what I was seeing. But they were so into the music and singing along to songs I had never heard before. It was like being in church again for the first time. Awesome!

05-12-2001, 11:31 AM
Yep there is a George Strait concert close to me today. I wanted to go but by the time I got to the ticket place - no seats left on the floor.

And NO ONE wants me to sit anywhere else 'cause I'd probably smart off to some drunk, druggie and have to smack them around a little. Giggle (I am a little feisty at times and have been known to do just that at other concerts - though haven't had to actually smack anyone)

So - don't get to sit anywhere on the floor - no seats left there, not even for just one.


But love to all at the concert - and behave - I'll be around in "spirit" and I might even "fly" by in person at some point since I have to eat lunch somewhere.


05-12-2001, 08:40 PM
The fact that there would be any fights at all is rather disturbing to me. One of the things I love the most about country concerts as opposed to alot of rock concerts I've been to is there is never a fight or such that I have been present for...the concert/festival goers are more into the music than anything else. I've even bragged about country concerts not having this to friends...I guess everything DOES change. :(


05-13-2001, 08:44 AM
I was thinking the exact same thing Cheryl!

I'll never forget that there were only 9 arrests at the Central Park concert and those were for possession of pot or booze. I was lucky enough to be standing about 4 rows from the extended stage he had there. I couldn't believe how nice the people were! There was no rushing the stage,no pushing, no crushing. In fact, they let me (all of 5' 2") move right up to the fence!
Some of those folks had been there since early morning too! And it only took us 30 mins to get on the subway back to our hotel.
Funny story,on the way back to the hotel there was a female standing on a doorstep who was "seeking some business" and she noticed our shirts and asked us how the concert was. Even the "ladies of the night" knew about the concert! LOL!


05-13-2001, 07:18 PM
LMAO Deb!!! :)

Business is business and then there's Garth...sort of like the cabbie who I STILL owe more than the generous tip I gave him!! I'd forgotten you were there girlfriend...I swear everyone in NY knew Garth was coming and he not only took a bite out of the "big apple", he chomped on it for quite some time. I mean, that banner from the world trade center...oh man, I could go on and on about the day Garth roped in New York City!! No one will ever have the impact Garth had on NY and rightfully so...it's a day NY won't soon forget! :D I only wish he would do it again!!!!! :)