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05-09-2001, 08:58 AM
Hee's another one for you
let me know what you think


Weíve been together now for years,
Yet youíre a stranger in my life.
I canít help but get to thinking
you deserve someone new.
Even though Itís been such a long time,
I still remember when we first met.

You had such a lovely smile,
And I wish with all my heart,
that I could make you smile that way again.
Thereís such sadness in your eyes
And it cuts like a knife
How could I have caused you so much pain?

Itís been such a long time I donít know what to do,
isnít it funny but I donít remember how.
How do I love you?
How do I hold you?
How do I feel when you look at me that way?

Isnít it funny how things turn out the way they do
When we first found each other, I could have never seen this
I loved you so strongly and I still love you the same, but its
Been such a long time Iíve Just forgotten how.

Tell me what to do,
how can I make it right?
Iím so scared of letting go
I just donít know what to do


Its been such a long time and
Itís such a shame to let us go.
Itís been such a long time and itís
A shame to let us go

05-09-2001, 06:20 PM
this is really really good!!!Please keep up the great work!! :)

Vanessa :)