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09-26-1998, 08:54 AM
I was wondering if anyone has any idea which cities would be included on the Live album? I know that the new songs were recorded in Las Vegas, and I also heard a rumor that Evansville was confirmed to have at least 1 song. If anyone has heard any info or rumors on the cities, plese post a reply.N

09-26-1998, 09:17 AM
Rodney,<p>Thanks for posting this, I've been wondering myself. I was wondering if they are actually going to be printed on the booklet or how Garth would do it. Actually, I know it would be difficult, but the way Garth is doing the different "Editions" with the different booklets and all. It would be nice if Garth put the same songs... Just different cities. That way more people would make the album. Just a thought to ponder...<p>WesN

09-27-1998, 05:39 AM
GBInfluence -<p>I think that's a tremendous idea. I thought of that yesterday and I think it would be "very cool." However, it is probably too much to hope for. It would cost an awful lot of money to produce that many different versions of the same CD. Producing different booklets is one thing, but to actually produce six different discs would be too much to hope for in my opinion. Still, I wouldn't put anything past Garth. He's been known to go "against the grain" "every now and then." :) <p>Anybody else have a thought on this?N

09-27-1998, 08:43 PM
King,<p>I thought the same thing before, while, and after writing the post. It would be great though. I'm just hoping... <p>WesN

09-28-1998, 05:32 AM
I just counted, and Garth will have played in 101 different cities by the end of the tour. He stared in Atlanta, Georgia on March 13, 1996, and will end on November 15 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. If he did as GBInfluence said and put the same songs on each edition of the live album, but from different cities, then Garth could conceivably put 150 different cities on "GARTH: Double Live" (25 songs X 6 CDs). In conclusion, it could easily be done, but again the cost makes it too much to hope for. (That doesn't mean that I'm not hoping.)N

09-28-1998, 07:48 AM
I sure hope the cities are listed that are used. I heard a dj from K93 in Lexington say last week that he heard Lexington was one of the cities that may have a cut on the live cd. Don't know if this is true. I have thought what they might do is list all the cities and not mention any individually as contributing more than others.N

09-29-1998, 05:42 AM
I had heard that the same song may have a few cities on the album. The first verse may be from one city, and the chorus may be from another. Then they are mix them together. If that's the case I would doubt if they'll put the cities next to each song. Not positive on this though.N

09-29-1998, 08:10 PM
I hope that this is not the case. I don't think that Garth would get the best sound this way. I also don't think he would have recored this long, "Trying to get the best songs." Of course GB has fooled me before.N