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04-29-2001, 09:05 PM
The first time its just saying that a he was on the radio or somthing like that but the secound is strange , I really haven't fiqured out what is giong on in the book yet its werid some kind of strange alien invasion and they have got this recording from I think the aliens and Garth Brooks was on it or it was the aliens replicating there voice.. very strange but this was on page 212 and I still have 400 more to go.



Lost 'n' Garth
04-29-2001, 09:18 PM

I just bought that book a couple days ago (big Stephen King fan here).

Plan to read, just haven't got to it yet.

Cheri :)

04-30-2001, 12:11 AM
Hey good news - a new book by Stephen King -

must read.

Thanks for the information,

04-30-2001, 12:50 AM
Yeah, Jen, I was surprised when I came across it. I'm up to about pg 420 now and counting. I really enjoy this one. But then, I love almost every SK book. He really is an AWESOME writer.


04-30-2001, 07:40 PM
Stephen King ROCKS:D:D:D

As far as I know he is a Deep Purple and Bruce Springsteen fan which is why he mention him A LOT;)

He strongly dislike country I think I read somewhere:) I guess that also include Garth:)


05-01-2001, 12:22 AM
What's it say on page 212? Words used?

05-01-2001, 12:38 AM
Hold on, let me check Dale. I have the book right here.

'All the voices are or would be recognizable to large segments of the people in this area. There's Alfred Hitchcock, Paul Harvey, Garth Brooks,...'
pp. 211-212
Stephen King,
Dream Catcher

I know the other reference is right around there somewhere, just can't find it right now. Or maybe it was a bit earlier in the book.


05-01-2001, 12:41 AM
Thanks Jen for the information...
I was wondering...was Garths name mentioned under credits in the book? Or any other actual living person that's mentioned also? :confused:


05-01-2001, 12:50 AM
Do you mean like the author's note or acknowledgement page Diane? They always list people that have helped/supported/care about in some way. Interestingly enough, this is the first book he doesn't thank his editor in.


05-01-2001, 01:03 AM
yes...that page! :)

Thanks...wonder why he forgot his editor? LOL


05-01-2001, 01:08 AM
Although this is off anything Garth now, my guess is it's because he went through so much writing this book. The accident really put him in a black mood and that's when he was writing this, during his recovery. Who knows, maybe he had trouble with the editors on this one.


05-01-2001, 01:21 AM
I don't think there's any alien can fake Garth's voice, because his heart is so apparent in his speech, and aliens don't have hearts like his. No way!

05-01-2001, 01:23 AM
LMAO, Dale! You tell those aliens not to impersonate Da Man!!


(Oooh, triple 7's post!)

05-01-2001, 02:38 AM
OH WOW:eek:

I have to go read it now... Guess where I'll be tomorrow... CHAPTERS here I come. :rolleyes:


05-01-2001, 07:59 PM
I'm on pg. 491, almost done:) This is yet another great read by SK.
It sure was a pleasant surprise to see Garth's name mentioned; twice even:)
I'll have to stay up past my bedtime to finish it;)

05-01-2001, 08:31 PM
what's the book about?? Is it easy to understand? hard?? :) It's funny to hear that SK mentioned garth in his book!! very :cool:!! :)

Vanessa :)

05-07-2001, 10:31 AM
Good book and good point (and of course King is as always a good writer :))

Actually the "aliens" could impersonate Garth's voice. Especially if they were very, very good with electronics and with slicing and spicing together words from tapes.

And then maybe they can even place them as subliminal messages under tones or whatever.

Why maybe they could even put some of this onto computers - and people would have all kinds of dreams about some of the stars. Now that would not be good would it?

There are aliens among us - in more ways than one - perhaps there are messages in these "ficitonal" writer's words.


05-07-2001, 11:05 PM
You know what Hawk, I have been wondering the same thing about fiction. I frankly never paid much attention to Steven King. But after watching the Shawshack Redemption and The Green Mile, my curiosity is way up. In fact, it's the fiction part of Titanic that touched me the most as more real. I don't know, but maybe this is all Chris Gaines fault as usual!!

As for aliens being able to copy Garth's voice? Yeah, sure they can. But it will be only just that, a copy. The way you detect a counterfeit dollar bill is to know the real one enough to tell the true from the fake. It's like that with alot of things. Seems to me there's alot of phoney baloney floating around in this world's system these days. As for those aliens, I wonder who it is they themselves are copying? ;)

05-08-2001, 11:32 AM
Fuzz -

Good post - you are thinking along the right lines.

With technology developing - and given some of the technology that only a few have access to - it's pretty amazing what actually is developing.

As you point out there are quite a few writers who are writing along the same lines. Concerns about "worst possible scenerios" if technology is put in the wrong hands.

Given what I do and some of the people that are around out there in the real world (abusers, terrorists, child molestors, murderers, etc.) - we have to be very much on our toes and keep up with some of the stuff that is developing.

I have been around some of the computer experts, and some of the people with electronic knowledge, and some people with some psychological knowledge that will misuse it (ie - brainwashing techniques)so I know a little about what can be done - but compared to what they know we are but infants.

Tapes aren't allowed in courtrooms because they can be sliced and spiced back together and even the "experts" can't tell what the real messages were. This can easily be done with stars (who have all kind of recorded messages on varying forms of tapes) - so could a "false message" be sent by someone whose motives were negative. Sure could! Could someone imitate a star's voice to send a message to some unsuspecting person - to disarm them perhaps as in King's book - yep sure could.

And those kinds of people will use all kinds of means to harm and discredit the people that are fighting against them. People have to learn to recognize the forms of that fighting too. Even though that fighting may seem vague or about something else.

So is King talking about "aliens" in a literal or figurative (or both) sense. Yes - there are "aliens" among us - and some of them are dangerous as King's book indicates. (and so are some of the people fighting against them) I think that's the point of King's book while at the same time being a good read.


05-09-2001, 12:24 AM
Hawk, I haven't read the book, but it almost seems like a hidden conspiracy running this planet.
I hear what you say about watching out for those causing fights and a danger to society. Yet, sometimes I wonder if all this madness is a mere diversion staged to keep the worry off the one who's coming that will fool almost the entire planet with his plan of peace, the false messiah, the antichrist. Plus he's supposed to have his sidekick companion helping him. Could be part of a 'set up'? Who knows? But if there is a false messiah, than that means there is a real one too. This example may seem silly but fake fur is more in style these days because we wouldn't want to harbor cruelty to animals by wearing the real thing. Well, who needs the fake if the real is so bad now?(Except maybe to Eskimos, or Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when the animals became the sacrifice God chose to cover their newfound shame as opposed to keeping warm.) I guess 'fake' everything is the item of choice these days. Hard to tell what's real, like we've forgotten it exists.

But we do definitely feel a sense of things getting more and more out of control. Exactly the kind of situation the man of sin will more than gladly assume taking control over himself. What's scary is the world will more than gladly let him, according to what Revelation and Jesus says. I really don't mean to bring 'religion' into this. It's just that when I look at Revelation and what's going on in the world, it seems to read like an epic movie script, alive with sight and sound effects galore, ya know? Reads almost like a series of fiction. So does the news, only it's seems more real. Maybe those guys writing the Left Behind series books are helping draw our attention to the realness hidden there that seems hard to grasp until it is revealed. Many seem to be listening, because they are reading these books like they can't get enough. Despite the bad news there, the good news is too.

But I have to say, it is only a very recent joy to me to rediscover the usefulness of fiction, whether book or movie. I never thought I would listen to Steven King. I believe it's Chris Gaines who helped change my ways.

We could go into a whole another thread about what I believe aliens to be, but ET won't let me!!!(phone home that is!!LOL!)

05-09-2001, 10:58 AM
Interesting Fuzzwuzz - isn't the classic battle between good and evil ongoing in the world....and at the root of all great art?

Also interesting that the book is titled "dreamcatcher" (an indian art piece that is designed to catch the "bad" dreams and only let "good" dreams through)

This type of artwork is said to have originated with the Iroquois and with the Sioux. The designs are a little different though the concepts are basically the same.

The Iroquois were also the "first" dream interpreters. It is reported that at a certain time of the year they attempted to make dreams come true (or it was bad luck for everyone). Cool hun - so many of the varying tribes believed in the importance of dreams - and dreamers - those people whose dreams fit certain, proven criteria had certain recognized status in the tribes.

Sure do love the "dreamer" in Garth too - maybe King loves the "dreamer" in people too.


05-09-2001, 06:37 PM
Good points Hawk!! I agree with you! Thanks for sharing! :D :)

vanessa :)

05-09-2001, 07:40 PM
I think there is some usefull info about SK on www.stephenking.com :D:D


05-10-2001, 12:17 AM
isn't the classic battle between good and evil ongoing in the world....and at the root of all great art?

Also interesting that the book is titled "dreamcatcher" (an indian art piece that is designed to catch the "bad" dreams and only let "good" dreams through)
Sure do love the "dreamer" in Garth too - maybe King loves the "dreamer" in people too.

Hawk, this is making ALOT of sense. And I think it's interesting how different cultures have alot more to say to us all as a whole, rather than to just the smaller group that tends to identify with it. As if it has an even higher purpose then anybody even realized.
Maybe it's the dreamers who save the day eventually, right here in the real world, just like they do in epic thrillers. I'm sure we could come up with a few. And what about The Lamb that's coming? Not only is he supposed to save the day, but it's also a thriller. And he gets help from a fan, who helps save him, and the music. Without music, how can the world stay connected? Or keep those good dreams alive? Or see them fulfilled? I do love the dreamer in Garth. That's why I think he needs Chris. Garth has said he wants to be America's hero. In a way, he already is, but, Chris is an indication there is much more to this dream of his than Garth can do himself. He got me dreaming with Chris Gaines, I know that. I never knew I had it in me.

Anyway, I think I need to read this book "Dreamcatcher" and check out the link Brian posted. By the way, how does this dreamcatcher get rid of the bad dreams? We sure need that!

05-10-2001, 11:27 AM
Fuzzwuzz -

Exactly! What a wonderful reply.

The varying American Indian cultures (and Mexican, Hispanic, Aztec cultures) are wonderful! They have some marvelous knowledge - and share as much as they can when they can with those that will not harm others.

I wish so many of you could have gone to the art exchange that I mentioned awhile back. Some of the top artists throughout the country. Just to walk around and talk about the art and with the artists. So many wonderful artists (including singers, flute players, dancers, and much, much more) sharing their art. And so much created with extremely positive motivation for others.

You all would have loved the hoop dance, and the fire dancers. Oh - and the young men in regalia so wonderful to see them again. Beauty in motion - and powerful emotionally and spiritually.

Another of my favorites was a female singer from Nashville - what a rose she is! :) Two songs she sang stand out in my mind - one given to her by her grandmother, another with audience participation trying to help this brave fighting upstream against the raging waters to reach his love.

I love my families and all of the varying cultures. It pleases me that King honors the culture by recognizing an aspect of the culture.


05-10-2001, 06:31 PM
Hawk, about this brave fighting upstream to find his love. Well, in Garth's song, The River brings him to her, no?

05-10-2001, 11:49 PM
One could only pray that this is so! :)

It was so cute the way she kept having the audience tell the brave to row, row - in Cherokee - everyone loves this brave ya' know!

Made me want to go get a motor and send it - or even just tell him where the Oars were. :)

Did kinda remind me of The River too.

:cool: :)


05-15-2001, 12:51 AM
Hey, the dreamcatcher is playing more and more of an important part in this book of Kings.

Ah what a writer that man is!