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04-28-2001, 11:04 PM
Hey Y'all, I haven't been around in a while, so I have a little bit of catchup posting to do. I apologize if you guys have seen some of these before, but I am not sure which ones i have put up and which I haven't.


You can fall for an angel
High up in the sky
Be true to her your whole life
But she's gonna take off to fly

'Cause you can't ground an Angel
Or try to clip her wings
You can't trap her here on Earth
Among mere mortal things
'Cause one day she'll fly away
And leave you behind
Only the do you realize
Just how you were blind

I once had an Angel
But I never saw her go
Turned for just a minuet
And she soared into the night's icy glow
She left me behind in trade for cloud nine
So I just let her fly

Repeat Chorus

'Cause you can't ground an Angel
Or try to clip her wings
Angels shall fly


Well what can I say
I've been your fool
Hangin' on your every word
Lovin' you night and day
Givin' my whole heart to you
What can I say
I'm walkin' away


Those baby blue eyes
Have turned to ice
And that pretty little smile
Isn't half as nice
As the flames goin' up
As the bridge is goin' down
As I try to catch a ride
Outta this town
What can I say
I'm walkin' away

Well the news really hit me hard
Tell me what I did wrong
To make you go that far
I guess our love really has started to fade
What can I say
I'm walkin' away

Repeat Chorus 2x


Where Do We Start

I don't know what I can do
TO make you notice me
I've tried everything I have
But it seems you just can't see


Flowers and wine
Chocolate hearts
A sweet southern song
Treeting you to
My love all along
It's out of my hands
And up to your heart
So tell me no baby
Where do we start

So you want to take things really slow
Well I'll go at the speed
That you like to flow
A night at the movies
And a walk in the park
Taking the chance
We might light a spark with

Repeat Chorus

Oh it's out of my hands
And up to your heart
So tell me now baby
Where, oh, where do we start


Classic One

Well you dodged a confrontation
With your sweet little lies
Still your fool I bit the hook
And you pulled me along
You spilled out your story
And it was a classic one

We should jsut be friends you said
It'll never work and you left it at that
I stood there confused stuck in my tracks
Trying to figure out what had gone wrong
A day before I was doin' fine
And you come out with a classic one


A classic one for a love untrue
A heartbreak for me but painless for you
A line overused but undersimplified
One heart gets away while another heart dies
While hearing a classic one

So baby tell me what's behind it
Whats to terrible for me to know
Was I going too fast for you
Or was I going too slow
C'mon I can take the real story
Enogh classic ones to end your worries

Repeat Chorus

*Extra Verse(optional)*
I feel like I've been stabbed with a knife
But if thats how you want it then fine
I have a classic one for you too baby
Have a nice life


April Fools Day

Well love is in the air
Sprign has arrived
The flame is goin' high
And I'm gonna try
And make you sway
'Cause honey, it's April Fools day


The day of the year
All the Fools
Pour out their hearts
But the reply is just
A joke
THings don't really
Go their way
Surprise it's
April Fools Day

Maybe if I try
Really hard
You might finally
notice me
Thou shalt recieve
Whatever you say
For it it April Fools day

Repeat Chorus


It Used To Be

Well we both know it's over
There's nothin' left to hide
All of our dreams have washed away
And I've got a n empty feelin' inside
Of my heart where we used to be


The way you laughed
The way I smile
With us
There was no denile
In the way we loved
The way we cared
The way we felt
The way we shared
We were so free
In the way
It used to be

And I can't help but to think
About all that might have been
But we left that and more behind
Way back then
When I close my eyes
Memories are all I see

Repeat Chorus 2x

Oh how
It used to be


Mourning Sun

I woke up this morning
And you weren't there
I went dashing through the house
Screamin' pullin out my hair 'cause


You left beneath the light
Of a blue moon
You killed my heart
With what you've done
So I'm sittin' here crying
In the light of a
Mourning Sun

Well I grieved all day
And couldn't sleep at night
Goin' was your choice
But that don't make it right 'cause

Repeat Chorus

No warnings but
All too many regrets
My heart will heal
And maybe I'll forget
How you had so much to gain
And I had so much to lose when

Repeat Chorus


One Last Dance

Sitting in a bar on the waterfront
Talkin' to the girl next to me
She got up to leave saying
There's someplace I have to be
She turned to go, spared one more glance
Then I asked her, for one last dance


One last dance
Turned into the rest of our lives
We spun 'round all night
And when the sun was on the rise
We were holdin' each other tight
Gazing in each others eyes
All because I took the chance
Asking for
One Last Dance

I was sittin' on my front porch
Watching her leave
She said Can't you see
This isn't where I need to be
Then she drove away
Without a parting glance
So I never asked
For One Last Dance

One last dance
Would've turned into the rest of our lives
We would've spun 'round all night
And when the sun was on the rise
We would be holdin' each other tight
Gazing in each others eyes
But I never got the chance
To ask her for
One Last Dance

When she came back that night
She had tears in her eyes
I opened the door with a smile
And she gave me a sad little glance
The I said to her
How about us
Having One Last Dance

One last dance
Turned into the rest of our lives
We spun 'round all night
And when the sun was on the rise
We were holdin' each other tight
Gazing in each others eyes
All because I took the chance
Asking for her for
One Last Dance

Anyway, let me know what you think...I've been a little out of practice though, so its not all top notch work. Keep it cool :cool:

04-30-2001, 12:18 PM
I like "Where Do We Start", "Mourning Sun", and "One Last Dance."

Mourning Sun is a really effective play on words. :)
For some reason, "Where Do We Start" reminded me of Steve Wariner. I hope that's a compliment to you, cuz it would be to me. lol It flowed nicely.

And "One Last Dance" got me cuz I love to dance. Or ...would love to if someone asked. ;) There's something to be said for the power in a slow dance.


04-30-2001, 10:59 PM
Thanks for the compliment Nash. One Last Dance has got to be my favorite out of the group so far. I just wish I could get some music for it. Not really sure exactly WHERE I had the inspriation for that one. Just came out relaly good by itself. Most of my other songs either "evolve" or have real world ties.
Where Do We Start just kinda popped outta my mouth one day when I was asking a girl out. She had said something like "this isn't where we need to be to start a relationship right now" and thus I asked her the question, and it snowballed that night.
Mourning Sun just kinda felt right, I was thinking it would be a good name for the lead track for a Tim Mgraw follow-up allbum after I finished it. When I was writing I just kinda thought how everyone writes about a "blue moon" and I figured, heck, doesn't the sun get upset too? Kinda goofy, but it worked out OK here.
I'll try and start putting out some more stuff in the next coupla weeks. My sports are all done, so I have some time now. Again thank you for the compliments, and let me tell you, being compared to Steve Wariner is a HUGE compliment in my book.