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Gary Daniel
09-18-1998, 08:20 PM
Ok...so I read the press release on the double live cd. And to tell you the truth I'm a little depressed. While I'm sure the CD will be cool and the packaging will make it worth buying alone...I'm a little disappointed that the CD is basically a live version of the Hits. I really was hoping to see more of the stuff that is only seen at a Garth concert...like American Pie, Piano Man, Alabama Clay...stuff like that that's more impromptu than the regular show! <p>What do y'all think? I just love hearing that distinctive voice doing songs that I'm not USED to hearing him sing! N

09-18-1998, 09:31 PM
GREAT POINT! I didn't even notice that "American Pie" wasn't included until you said that! That sux! I'm still excited about the live album, but it could have been so much more. I personally would have been willing to wait a little longer for the DVD version. I'm disappointed that he didn't go that route.<p>You are also right about the cover songs. I personally would have loved for him to include "You May Be Right," "Blame It On Mexico," "80 Proof Bottle Of Tear Stopper," etc. But "American Pie"..... I can't BELIEVE he didn't include that. It is such a huge part of his live show; plus he sings it at EVERY SHOW. That song also served as the finale to "Live From Central Park."<p>I also heard him sing "Wild Horses," and that would've made a great addition to the album, as well as "It's Midnight Cinderella," "The Change," and "That Ol' Wind." But, I suppose he can't include EVERYTHING. There are always going to be disappointed fans, and I guess I'm one of 'em. However, I do believe that one of the songs could've been bumped from the list to make room for "American Pie." Do y'all feel the same way? How about "American Honky-Tonk Bar Association?" I wouldn't have missed that one if it wasn't included.N

09-19-1998, 12:01 AM
I have to say that I'm also disappointed that Garth didn't include "in another's eyes", which I think is one of my favorite Garth live songs with Trisha...<br>I truly believe that it would be alot better if put songs such as "candles in the wind", "american pie", and so on..<br>Just to make it more distinguish from his "the hits"... however, it's nice to know that he included 3 new songs...<br>I will buy his Double Live, but I figure if we all complain this to Garth or even his record companies, they might add some songs and even take out some songs that are over sang....what do you all think about his...<br>Frankly, we all want Garth to come out what his fans are really looking for... <br>I wouldn't mind if "american honky-tonk bar association" on the CD..however, I think "papa loved mama" can be switched to other songs....N

09-19-1998, 12:32 AM
I know that we all have our opinions of which songs should and shouldn't be on the live album... But I felt like Garth would go more the route of putting it down like an actual concert from the past tour. I've seen him 3 times live and I know that no matter what songs he sings I'm gonna love it. I'm disappointed that he doesn't have "The Old Stuff," "In Another's Eyes," or "American Pie" on his album. Of course, I think if he had been able to do the DVD type of thing then we'd seen some of these other songs. I personally love "Papa Loved Mama" but I'm not getting into what songs should or shouldn't be there because there's no sense in arguing over it. All I know is I'm getting the album, and I'm going to love it.<p>WesN

09-19-1998, 08:14 AM
Well, I too was a little disappointed in the song list for the live album... I was eagerly waiting for it, because I'm dying to get him on CD singing American Pie. I was quite unhappy when I saw the list and noticed that this song was not on there... :( That was one of the main reasons I was so excited about this album... not to mention its Garth and it has Tearing it up... on it :) I also wanted to hear some other songs... I feel the same as a few of you, I wanted to hear some of the songs that you don't normally hear him sing... like You May Be Right, Keep Your Hands To Yourself, Piano Man... Etc. Most of those I haven't seen him do in concert, only on TV or not at all, and I was hoping that I would get to... But I'll have to settle for what he gives us :) Oh... the fact that The Old Stuff was not on there... well that made the sting even worse... no Old Stuff and no American Pie :( But it is Garth, it is live, so that is good! :) just my $.02!<p>Paula,N

09-19-1998, 10:18 AM
There's another great cover that he's done in concert that isn't included. I forgot about "Keep Your Hands To Yourself"!! How could I have done that? I'm such a bonehead. We could go on and on about what he DIDN'T put on the album, but there will be no changing the content of the albums. I'm sure they are already pressing them and getting them all ready to be snapped out of the stores by us on Nov. 17. :)<p>Does anybody else out there have an opinion about what is or isn't on the Live album?N

09-19-1998, 03:24 PM
Poor Garth's taken some much heat from what he hasn't put on the live album that I feel kind of bad. I've ripped some comments myself, but I for one was overwhelmed to see "Standing Outside the Fire" I mean because of the law suit, I didn't get the chance to hear him do it the 3 times I've seen him during this tour. I'm also very happy to see TMYFML on there. I heard it in Lexington and I loved it! Not to mention, he's giving us 3 new songs... Sort of... Most of us have already heard "Tearin' it up, and Burnin' it Down" but you got the point. I think once it's here and we've all had the chance to listen, we'll all be on here complimenting it.<p>Wes<p>My positive $.02N

Peggy H
09-19-1998, 07:28 PM
Could you imagine being Garth? No matter what you do or say, you get critized for it! I am just excited that there is going to be a live CD, so everytime I play it I can relive the experience of being at his concerts. 25 songs plus 3 brand new songs for 13 dollars I couldn't ask for anything more. Well maybe the release of the Duet CD with Trisha by the end of the year.N

09-19-1998, 08:23 PM
Y'all are right about "To Make You Feel My Love" and "Standing Outside The Fire" being included. Like I said earlier, I'm sure we all have songs that weren't included that we would've like to have seen included. However, I think we're all excited about the live album.<p>By the way, when Garth sang "To Make You Feel My Love", was it an acoustic version, or did any of the band members play with him? How about on "Standing Outside The Fire"? Thanks!N

09-19-1998, 08:57 PM
TMYFML was done just Garth and his guitar the times I've seen him play it. The band was always there for Standing Outside the Fire.<p>As far as what is and what isnt on the live album....sure, there are songs that I would love to see on that list that arent there. I'm sure we all feel that way. But, these are the songs that Garth has decided to put on it, for whatever reasons, so I will not be sending any complaints his way. Just a big old THANK YOU GARTH for giving us a chance to re-live those wonderful memories we have from the concerts! All that energy he brings to the stage will be coming through our speakers at home and in the car....all that passion he puts into each and every song on stage will be there for us whenever we want to hear it. I can hardly wait to get it in my hot little hands! :)<br>CherylN

09-19-1998, 11:24 PM
After finally seeing some good comments about this album, I remembered a rumor I saw somewhere on the Net, I don't remember if it was here or somewhere else. But it was a quote from someone who had said to the effect that Garth has so many songs recorded from this past tour that there could be more live stuff on the horizon. It could be true. If we think of all the songs he's done live just during this past tour... I mean common' there's got to be enough for 3 CD's if not 4! So, maybe... just maybe there could be some truth to this "rumor" I saw. I know maybe so, maybe not... but I can dream about it.<p>Just a thought to keep in mind.<p>WesN

09-20-1998, 06:57 PM
The thing that matters is that it is Garth live and on CD. Sure he may have left off some vital songs, but if you like Garth even a little than you probably already have his concerts on video tape form when they were on TV. Also, once again, Garth give us a great collection of his songs for a low price. If you get the CD I am sure you will like it even without some of your favorite songs.N

09-29-1998, 09:18 AM
Well I was really hoping for American Pie also. But oh welll! I hope they start selling the video of Ireland and Back. My vcr went on the fritz or I would've had it recorded. Didn't he do American Pie in that? Also do any of you think he may do another live album, a few years down the road, with different songs on it? He's got to have tons of material from recording at all of these past concerts, what happens to all of that?N

09-29-1998, 02:20 PM
Yeah, he did "American Pie" on "IRELAND & BACK." I wouldn't count on another live album. Although it's possible, it will most likely be in the middle of the next decade if we see another one, maybe even later. Remember all the other projects that he has lined up (duet album, Christmas album, "The Lamb" soundtrack, etc.). Those will all get released before another live album does.N

09-29-1998, 09:13 PM
Yes, all of those projects are planned but I believe they are all planned for the next year to year and a half. That will only take us to the next Millinium. I don't see it happening very soon either, but I can see it happening someday, and sooner than most would say.N

09-30-1998, 04:56 AM
I am looking forward to a new duet with Trisha that will be included, Wild as the wind, I can't wait.N