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09-14-1998, 07:39 AM
I heard on the radio today that either 6 or 9 (can not remember which)million copies will be released. Now here is the cool part - the 1st million will be edition #1, the 2nd million will be edition #2, etc. with each edition there will be a different booklet and each CD will be labeled as to which edition it is.<p>I think this is soooo cool!! :)<p>Mary Lou N

09-14-1998, 12:48 PM
cool....i will be buying ALL six!!!!!!!!!!!!N

10-01-1998, 08:00 AM
In the article poseted under garth news I read that there will be like 6 different cd covers w/ different pictures inside. Then it says that the cassette is completely different than the cd.. And that there will be pics not included with the cd's.. Do you know how many different cassette covers or photos will be available? Thanks so much..N

10-03-1998, 07:37 PM
Personally, I think this is an awful idea! To me, it simply seems to be an attempt to get people to buy the same CD 6 times (and once more on cassette). Yeah, I know no one is forcing you to buy them all, but to get all the cool info and such, you hafta buy them all. I would like to buy them all myself, but at $13 x 7, that's over $90... I just can't afford that for 7 copies of the same album...<p>maybe I'll just wait until I can find them at the used record store... :)N

10-03-1998, 08:09 PM
I agree with you Mary Lou, I also think it is a cool idea......especially for the people that were lucky enough to be at one of the events to be featured on a particular CD. I will buy the first edition the day it is released, and also the cassette for my car. Will I buy all the rest of the editions just to see the other inserts? Probably, if I am lucky enough to find them all. Since they will not all be available at the same time, I would say that I would be pretty excited to see a different one in the store than was there last week, last month, whatever. Some people collect Beanie Babies, my thing happens to be Garth. :) N

10-03-1998, 08:35 PM
Well said Cheryl! Save the Beanie Babies for the kids-I'll put my money on Garth. I have four daughters who are Garth fans that I can share the extra CD's with when I buy the six different sets of Double Live but the pictures, etc stay with me!N

10-04-1998, 12:34 AM
This is to Bob, Garth got his degree in Advertising and I'm getting mine in Marketing and I'll let you know whether you like or not... It's genious! People will be willing to buy all of these CD's but also it lets every Garth fan have a different "Flavor" of Garth. It gives everyone a chance to have a different side of Garth's career. Of course, I'm sure you still don't like the idea, but I thought I'd try.N

10-05-1998, 05:39 AM
UncleBob, I too will not be buying all the cd's and cassettes. Like Cheryl I will be buying a cd and cassette for my car. But, I thought of a way around getting to look at some of the other booklets. I will be buying some for family and friends for the holidays. And, of course, each person will be getting (I hope) a different edition. Therefore, I will get to look at other booklets. Because they have to share. :)<br>Maybe you could work it out with some friends or family who will be purchasing the cd that each of you purchase a different edition. Just a thought. :)<p>I still think this is a great idea. And I am not upset in the least that I will not get to see every edition. One of the reasons I am a fan of Garth's is because he always gives us that little something extra special. :)<p>Thanks.<p>Mary Lou<br>N