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08-24-1998, 11:12 AM
Capitol Nashville will release a Garth Brooks 2-CD live set Nov. 17, label<br>president/CEO Pat Quigley tells Billboard Bulletin. The double album,<br>tentatively titled "Garth: Double Live," will contain at least 25 songs. Five<br>million units will be shipped initially, and the set will be competitively<br>priced. It will not be a DVD release, as Brooks had earlier contemplated.<br>Promotional plans for the album include two national TV specials for Brooks, in<br>addition to live TV commercials.N

08-29-1998, 08:25 PM
when did they decide it is not going to be a dvd release and why,so all the stuff he has been recording is all for two specials??????N

Peggy H
08-30-1998, 06:35 PM
Garth and his team decided against the DVD because you can't play it on a regular CD player. I personaly would rather have a 2 CD set with 25 songs then a 1 DVD CD with only 15 songs. Hopefully he will have the encore songs he sings, Piano Man, Night Moves etc. on the release. N

08-30-1998, 07:40 PM
I'm sure Garth would love to release a DVD/CD for us, but it is technologically impossible right now. He does have the option of releasing a live album with two discs in it -- a CD and a DVD (one would play in CD players and one in DVD players). However, I'm sure this isn't cost feasible. If you go into a store to buy a movie on DVD, it costs anywhere from $20 to $50 (usually about $25 or $30). Add to that the cost of a CD and the live album would be EXPENSIVE. I'm sure Garth could get the cost down a little bit for us, but it would still be too expensive for John Q. Shopper. Most people would only be using the CD portion of the live album anyways (because most people don't have DVD players yet, and most of them won't have one any time soon $$$$$$).N

08-30-1998, 07:56 PM
I am glad Garth chose to go the cd only route. I can't wait to hear it :) N

09-14-1998, 06:41 PM
I'm glad I don't have to go and buy a $400 dvd player now, because it was looking like I was going to have to.N

09-16-1998, 07:44 AM
I think everyone is happy with the non-dvd solution.N

09-30-1998, 07:03 AM
DVD is the way of the future and Garth should have made it available!! It would have been really cool if Garth could have been the first to do it as a cd. This is the late 90's-people own DVD'S and also have it on their PC'S!!!N

09-30-1998, 07:08 AM
Garth should release a DVD soon!! It would have been neat if he would have been the first to do so. Many people do own DVD'S and also have it on their PC'S!!!N

09-30-1998, 10:05 AM
Garth, I believe, was smart for not going DVD yet. It might be the way of the future. Watch any TV technology show and they'll talk about how those Mini-disks could take over DVD. Not to mention how DVD technology is a changing technology. It's not stable and there's no evidence of it staying. Yes, something like DVD if not DVD itself will be the way of the future, but there's no guarantee that a DVD disk you have today will even work in what is called a DVD player 5 years from now. N