View Full Version : New Singles from the Live Album

08-17-1998, 10:15 AM
The latest news from the man himself....Garth said during the Vegas shows that the live album will be 2 CD's, containing 24-26 songs. He also said that Vegas would be the last city he would record in. I know this has been said before, but he decided to add two new songs on the album and hadnt played them anywhere before then. <p>So, he asked us to be patient while he did the first song, It Was Your Song. (I wont even try to describe it here.....if ya havent read about it already, go to Teresa's post under the main forum and look up ringy dingy--night two) The other new single will be Wild as the Wind, a new duet with Trisha. (imagine that, Garth asking us to be patient, when all the while he is giving us such a wonderful gift......) Now, more than ever, that live album just cant get here soon enough!N

08-18-1998, 07:41 AM
Well it's only 3 months,till the live cds come out. Let's hope he does the T.V. special at the same time. Like you said elswhere that it would make sense. Isn't it supposed to be out Nov.24?<br>DellaN