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Mary S
07-29-1998, 01:39 AM
Is he recording LIve at all shows on his World Tour for the LIVE ALBUM?
<p>When will it be released? Will each city be recognized? N

Devil in Blue
07-29-1998, 04:23 PM
All I know is that when he mentioned it at the Friday show in Seattle, I got the idea that he was recording the whole thing there. As it turns out, that isn't the case, so i'm not sure how many concerts and venues will be represented on the live album.N

07-30-1998, 01:11 PM
Garth has recorded every show on the tour since March 1996. Which means that he has a few hundred shows on tape. The live album is rumored to have about 20-30 songs on it.<br>N

Gary Daniel
08-02-1998, 05:50 AM
Maybe this will help out. Garth's first break in this tour came in June following the Louisville, Kentucky shows. Garth made the statement to several media folks, as well as the fans in Louisville that this would be the last stop before the current live album project was narrowed down and put together. From the way he phrased it, it sounded very much like Louisville would be the last place for the CURRENT live album project. I have seen him in several other cities and he had never said anything like he was saying here. <br>The break in June, as I have said before was both for family and to sift through all the tapes that had been made of the show so far in order to get the best cities on the live album for release this fall, hopefully around Thanksgiving. <p>So in answer to whether or not they are still recording...my answer is yes...My best guess is that if a show really blows them away, then one city already on the album will be bumped for one of the current cities. So KEEP MAKIN" NOISE EVERYBODY. Another possibility is that Garth's people are still recording and they are keeping the material for another live album in the future. <p>But as I stated earlier, Louisville was the last "official stop" on the large run of the tour. Hope this helps y'all out a little.N

08-21-1998, 08:05 AM
The big man was here exactly two weeks ago. He didn't say anything at the press conference, but during the Friday night show he told us that Casper was the next to last city which would be recorded for the LIVE album. This would mean that Vegas was the last show that could possibly be on the LIVE album. But, who knows, Garth has been known to change his mind now and again.. :)<br>N

08-23-1998, 09:57 AM
Hey Guys, <br>From what I understand, he was to stop recording around Louisville and start putting things together during his June break. I also understood that he picked up recording again, due to the DVD thing. Someone posted that at a recent concert(I think Salt Lake City), he said that DVD was not perfected enough. Therefore, he has decided to make the live albumn a double CD, instead of DVD. I think that is why he decided to record more, because the live albumn will essentially be twice as long. WooHoo!!!!!!!!<br>If anyone knows anything different, please let me know. Hope this helps. CrickettN

08-23-1998, 02:05 PM
Anyone know about anything about the video to go with the album? My 9 year-old son was filmed singing his heart out through all of "Friends in Low Places" at Dublin last year, and keeps pestering me as to when he can find out if he's going to be famous.N