View Full Version : Where Yor Road Leads

07-16-1998, 03:40 PM
<br>The title track of Trisha's new album is a duet with Garth, talk about a surprise when I picked up the album. Chris LeDoux's new album, also has a great version of the 'The Fever'.N

07-17-1998, 08:25 PM
I really do like Trisha - and her new album is very good, especially the title track "Where Your Road Leads". It is a great song and they do a fantastic job together (as always) -- but, to call it a duet as is does on the CD -- I wouldnt. Not a duet like "In Another's Eyes" anyway.....its more like when they do "Walk Away Joe", with Garth doing backup throughout most of the song. Just my .02 worth.N

07-17-1998, 08:32 PM
Trisha's new cd is great! I love her version of "Where Your Road Leads" as well as Victoria Shaw's! I agree that the song doesn't really count as a duet though. Chris LeDoux's version of "The Fever" is awesome!! It's another great cd from Mr. LeDoux! :)