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03-27-2001, 03:18 PM
Tuesday, March 27

Crying Time
LeAnn Rimes' stepmother says phone conversations the singer recorded reveal LeAnn as manipulative and spoiled. In one of two tapes Catherine Dickerson Rimes released to the media, LeAnn discusses how she can get a judge to let her out of her record contract, saying, "All I have to do is walk in and go [simulating crying], "Waaaaa!" Tennessean.com

Condolences to Toby
Toby Keith's father, Hubert K. "H.K." Covel Jr., 67, was killed Saturday afternoon when his pickup crossed a highway median and struck a charter bus. The accident occurred near Norman, Okla., where Toby lives. Covel was pronounced dead at the scene. The funeral service is scheduled for Tuesday at 2 p.m. CST. The Norman Transcript

It's Your Money
Martina McBride and singer-songwriter Coley McCabe presented a $50,750 donation Friday to the Child Development Center at Nashville's Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, reports an industry source. The funds came from the annual Music City Tennis Invitational tournament, which takes place this year on May 5-6. For more on Martina, click here: Martina McBride Official Site

Straitfest? Check Yes!
About 45,000 fans turned out for the first date of the George Strait Country Music Festival Saturday in Tampa, Fla. Among the concert's highlights was George and Alan Jackson's "Murder on Music Row" duet. Meanwhile, Brad Paisley and Lonestar nearly stole the show with their crowd-pleasing sets. country.com

Warrens No Waylon or Willie
The Warren Brothers say they're not trying to be outlaws la Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, but they're not necessarily goody-two-shoes types either. "We are a country-rock band from Tampa, Fla.," states Brad, who adds, "We sure aren't some guy with a hat who says 'aw, shucks' behind the microphone." The Tampa Tribune

But I Do Love Him
Contrary to LeAnn Rimes' recent comments in a Nashville courtroom, the singer says she doesn't hate her father, Wilbur Rimes. "Obviously, I don't hate my father . . . I hate the situation that I've been put in," explains LeAnn, whose pending lawsuit against her dad claims he swindled her out of millions of dollars. Launch.com

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UGH poor LeAnn :( Its getting so ugly :(


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Thanks for sharing that Russ:)