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03-27-2001, 06:12 AM
Well I finally managed to make time to record this whole story...please bear with me as it is alittle long. First off for all you ladies out there GB looked wonderful on stage and in EXTREME CLOSE-UP! He had on some yummy cream pants that seemed to be itching him alittle because while on stage he kept scratching that little tooshy. It was pretty cute. ;) ANYWAY...well the show ended a little after 10pm, I think, and we all headed back to the parking lot gate. There was a group of about 40 people...some say it was more but the group looked awfully small to me. I think by the time GB got out there I think there were probably only about 25-30 fans there. I got Jerry back on the phone when Garth came out and kept her on the line forever...was really surprised that my battery did so well. Well there wasn’t any noticeable line to meet Da Man; everyone just kinda crowded around him. I was very close to him on his right side to begin with. It was probably for the best that it took so long for him to get to me. It gave me time to adjust myself to the idea that I would soon meet Garth and figure out what I was gonna say to him. I decided not to think of any specific lines to say to him because I’d probably mess them up...so I just went with topics. LOL I finally made my way close enough to the center of the front row for it to be my turn. Garth walked right up to me and gave me a big hug (guess he read my mind hehehe). During the hug we exchanged some formalities.
Me: Hey Garth.
GB: (with genuine concern) Sorry it took so long, and it’s so cold.
Me: Don’t worry about it...I’m perfect. (coming out of the hug with a HUGE smile... “if he only knew” LOL) It’s a pleasure to meet you.
GB: So what’s your name?
I told him my name was Sarah and thanked him for playing the Grand Ole Opry as it had been the only venue I had ever been able to see him live (saw him for the first time on Oct. 14th for the 75th but didn‘t get to meet him). He said, “Oh really? Where are you from?” I told him that I was from Lubbock, TX originally but was going to school in Cookeville, TN. He joked that he played Lubbock before I was born and played Cookeville at one time too. I told him I was playing golf for my school and he said, “Oh yeah...so you have patience?”...and he gave me the cutest little *head down “I have no patience personally” look* hehehe In a half growl I said, “I try.” Then he asked what I shot. I was quite proud here that I didn’t stumble with my next line and was able to throw in a little joke. I asked him “What day? What time of day?” He and a few other people standing there giggled. He knew what I was talking about. I’m sure he knows how inconsistent rounds of golf can be. I told him "for example...over spring break our team went to FL to play in a tourney...if your going to play over spring break might as well play there...and shot a 94 the first day (slumped over and said "what the heck")...and a 79 the second day...actually helped the team that day.” Then I told him about we had just gotten back from Alabama where it rained like a dog the first day and the second day was called off because it SNOWED! He giggled and said, “Here’s what you say if anyone ever asks you what you shoot...Tell them you shoot in the mid 70's....and if it gets any worse you put the clubs away.” I laughed and said I’d have to remember that one. He said “Well you know I play once a year at the Vinney.” Then he proceeded to tell me that he gets his golf and bowling scores mixed up...somewhere around 160 LOL...of course he was kidding but it was very cute. Well now it’s picture time. Dani and Jason had been snapping a pic or two while I talked to Garth. Thanks guys. Dani took a pic of me in a Garth squeeze with her camera. I asked J to take a picture with my digital camera but J was having a little trouble finding it. I figured this was the perfect time, while I was getting out and prepping my camera, for Garth to talk to Jerry. I grabbed my phone from J and said, “Garth will you talk to my friend Sam?” Oh thank goodness I just didn’t call her Jerry! LOL So while Garth talked to Jerry I got my camera ready and then just watched him as he talked on the phone. When he handed the phone back to me I looked him in the eyes and said, “That was a great friend of mine who I met through you...Thank you.” He just “awwwed” and gave me a great big bear hug. OH! What a GOOOOD hugger! Well now J’s ready with the camera, and we turn toward him, I set Sam on Garth’s belly LM*O and <snap>. I turn back toward Garth and say “It was nice to meet you.” He said, “It was nice to meet you too, hun.” And that was it...my first Garth moment! Man...after all this waiting it feels strange to be able to say that. One last thing...I feel that it is necessary that I reiterate what has been said by many of Garth fans before me. I'm not the kind of person to notice eyes right away ya know...it's just not my thing...but LORD HAVE MERCY....that man has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen. He made eye contact with me the whole time and just seemed so genuinely interested in what I had to say. It was like he was peering right through me. Sorry this was sooooo long guys...I just wanted to right everything down so I wouldn’t forget it. Like Sam said, though we thought of a few more things we could have said to Garth had time allowed it, we’re happy with how we handled the situation and aren’t at all embarrassed with anything we DID say. I hope all you Garth fans out there meet Da Man someday and are able to have this amazing experience. I’d like to request that if any of you reading this were actually there that night and happen to have snapped a pic of me and Garth together that you let me know. I’d love to get it from you. Thanks for listening everyone.

aka Bob

Me and GB

03-27-2001, 06:22 AM
Sorry guys...I'm gonna post some more of my pics here but I'm having a little trouble with the size. I'll get them posted ASAP.

aka Bob

03-27-2001, 06:50 AM

I have a couple pictures of you two... one of him talking to you with the most precious look on his face, and the one where you two posed for me. The posed one isn't as good as the posed one you posted, and it has some serious red-eye issues, but I'd be happy to send them your way! Email me with your address if you want 'em and I'll send them out - splitzer@usa.net

Garth Always,

03-27-2001, 08:39 AM

No problem with the long post, I loved hearing your Garth Moment. The picture of the two of you is awesome!!


03-27-2001, 11:31 AM
I agree with Lisa

Just great!!!
Thanks for sharing with us


03-27-2001, 02:13 PM
Hey, post away!!! Long or short, we read 'em all!!!

Glad to see another falls victim to those 'killer-eyes'!!!!


03-27-2001, 03:42 PM
Thanks for sharing! :) It sounds like you had a wonderful time!! :) great pic :)

Vanessa :)

03-27-2001, 08:42 PM
Wow, Sarah, thank for sharing your awesome Garthmoment. The longer the better. :) That is a great pic of you and Garth. Man... to get a Garthsqueezie.... must be the best feeling in the world. :) Thanks again.

Have a Garthriffic day,
Ellie :)

03-29-2001, 01:44 AM
wow.. sarah!! that was such a story!!! :)

and nice photo too!!!!!!!! i really really wish i am in US too.. hahahahha :)

03-29-2001, 01:55 PM
Yay Sarah! What a great moment for you, and Sam
too! Thanks so much for sharing it:)


03-29-2001, 11:27 PM
Hey Bob... very nice recap of the story. And I want to thank you AGAIN! I owe ya girl. You let me know how much I owe ya for the LONG phone call.. hehehe. Anyway, I also wanted to thank you for keeping me online while ya got "our" Garthsqueezie. Some day, I shall get my very own... but until then, girl... THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING HIM WITH ME!!


04-02-2001, 10:43 PM
Wow! :)

04-03-2001, 12:00 AM
MMMMM...M The man just looks so huggable.:)

Thanks for sharing.:)


10-08-2002, 04:46 PM
Originally posted by bannanna_bob_77
Sorry guys...I'm gonna post some more of my pics here but I'm having a little trouble with the size. I'll get them posted ASAP.

aka Bob

Love to see some more of those pics!


10-09-2002, 03:36 PM
HEY Bob I was there that nigth :) We missed you at the convetnion NEXT YEAR ?????

I love that pic. I think I might have a side pic of you two will have to check great story :)