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07-14-1998, 06:49 PM
I just read that RIAA certified Garth's sales at 80 million, due to the sales of the box set. The new totals are:
<p>Garth Brooks - 9
<br>In Pieces - 8
<br>No Fences - 16
<br>Ropin the Wind - 13
<br>The Chase - 8
<br>Fresh Horses - 6
<p>This info was at countrynow.com. Sounds like Garth is gettin closer to his goal of 100 really quickly. By the time the live album and duet albums are out he's sure to make it. So, I say, CONGARTHULATIONS to Garth! :) Unfortantly, this news will give all those who are critizing him for setting goals more to gripe about, and I just dont understand that.
<br>"Listen not to the critics who put their own dreams on the shelf."N

Devil in Blue
07-21-1998, 06:59 PM
Well, I can't say that I criticize Garth for setting goals, and the task he has set for himself is certainly worthy of a performer of his caliber. But I feel that the way he has gone about setting that goal takes advantage of some of his fans.
<br>The box set idea is fine and dandy so long as one assumes that all of Garth's fans have the money to buy it. But what happens when people like me are taken into consideration? I heard, with my own two ears, Garth Brooks tell umpteen billion people in Seattle that he won't be releasing the new singles on any other album. So where does that leave me? Without any access to those songs, that's where it leaves me. I don't have the money to buy the entire set, and I can't get the songs any other way.
<br>Garth, you've let your fans down with this one.
<br>Now, I still love his music, I still respect him as an entertainer and all of the other hats he wears, I still intend to see every concert that comes to Seallte, and if the money is ever there, I do intend to buy the box set. But I just wish that I could quote Garth's own words in the tour book about Debbie to him; "Debbie truly sees music for what it is. It's a spirit, a soul that cannot be bought and sold and cannot be marketed. It's a gift. At this point in my career, I probably need to hear that more than anything in this world to remind me what this is all about." I don't think he was referring to the manipulating way his fans are being treated, but it certainly fits.
<br>I know that he can't get the 100 million as soon without the sales of the box set, but according to those countrynow.com stats quoted, he'd only be 20 million shorter without. Tell me, Garth, are those 20 mil. extra numbers worth the knowledge that many of your fans feel let down by what is seen by some to be greed? I don't mean to be the devil's advocate here, but I remember when the box set came out. I heard all those people who called into the radio stations, mad as hornets. I remember that I wasn't the only one, nor am I still the only one, who is disappionted at not being able to hear a half dozen of Garth's musical eforts, especially since he hasn't released all of them.
<br>That is truly a tragedy.N

07-23-1998, 10:47 AM
I paid less that thirty dollars (INCLUDING TAX) for "The Limited Series." That seems like a small price to pay for such a collection. Garth did an AMAZING thing for those of us who only had one or two (or none) of his albums. He allowed us to get his first SIX albums, PLUS six new songs, for an INCREDIBLE price. Focus on the positive, not the negative. I understand about not having the money to buy the set, but as I see it, that is beside the point. If you want a copy of "To Make You Feel My Love," you can buy the "Hope Floats" soundtrack for less money than the box set. As for the other 5 tracks, they most likely would've never been heard if it wasn't for the release of the box set.N

07-23-1998, 11:56 AM
I'm not sure I understand your Problem.
<br>1. You can afford to go to a concert $20.
<br>2. You can not afford the boxed set $27.88 at
<br> K-mart, and about the same at Wal-mart and
<br> Price club. You can even buy it on-line thru K-mart.
<br>3. There is a chance some of those songs may end up on the live album. No one knows for sure what will be on them.
<p>Like I said I don't see what your problem is.N

Devil in Blue
07-24-1998, 07:20 PM
1. My boyfriend bought the tickets
<br>2. I didn't think of K-Mart or Wal-Mart
<br>3. I don't like live albums
<p>But thanks for the...umm...concern.
<br>I am sorry to have jumped to conclusions and not check everywhere in the county! (I guess my bargain-hunting skills are slipping)
<p>Forgive me?
<br>(Cheryl too)
<br>I still don't like having to buy all six, but THAT's a great deal anyways!N

07-25-1998, 06:22 AM
I paid $25.00 for my Limited Series (before tax).....I work at Wal-Mart and get a discount :) I think that's an exceptional value for 6 albums...(Even if I already have 99% of the songs anyway). And I CAN'T WAIT for the live album.N

07-25-1998, 05:25 PM
Devil in Blue
<p>OK, I'll admit, when I first read your post, my thoughts were not very kind, so I decided to keep them to myself.....so seeing others jump in there in Garth's defense kinda made my day. But, what really makes me happy is to see that you have reconsidered.....and that is what counts!!!!
<p>I really hope you find a box set...I promise ya, its worth every penny! And, while you are still in a reconsidering state of mind, try not to think of the live album as just another live album.....gotta remember, its Garth....and hearing him sing those songs live, well they just seem to have so much more passion, not to mention little differences that make them so special....when this tour ends, that live album is gonna be a godsend, taking us all back to those special nights we're all gonna miss so much.
<p>So, Devil in Blue, let us know if you get yourself a box set and what you think...and try to keep an open mind about that live album....but mostly, thanks for posting again.

07-26-1998, 06:43 AM
My only problem with the box set is that to hear the new songs, you have to keep switching the CD's...hehe, maybe I'm just lazy :)N

08-04-1998, 01:06 AM
Devil in Blue, I'll support your case. It is<br>rather unkind of a thing to do - not to release the songs, therefore almost forcing<br>you to buy the whole set for a few pictures,<br>a below-average quality booklet, some new CD<br>covers, and six songs. He said it was for<br>people who had all the tapes and wanted to<br>own the CDs. Unfortunately, when not all the<br>songs are released to radio, some people get<br>really bugged that they can't hear the songs.<br>What songs have you not heard? I'm not making<br>any promises, but I might could send you a <br>RealAudio file if I can find a way to record<br>on the computer. See, I cheated and taped <br>a few off the radio when they ran that<br>"Garth A to Z" thing. I know I've still got<br>"Anonymous," which is a sweet romantic song.<br>I taped over "Something With a Ring To It,"<br>which is a _hilarious_ song to me for some strange reason!(No one else seems to find it funny.)<p> The _main_ point I wanted to make, though,<br>is that Garth Brooks needs very little defense from you guys. There is no need to <br>defend him vehemently when someone merely makes an honest complaint. We don't know what<br>kind of person he is beneath the surface. <br>He may be a perfectly horrible man to put up<br>with, or he may just be what he appears to be - an adult who hasn't forgotten how to be a<br>kid and have fun. But since we don't know<br>what kind of person is really under that <br>cowboy hat, I'd suggest that we not be so<br>unkind to people who dislike or criticize him. Remember, they have just as much right<br>to their opinion as we do ours!<p><p><br>PuffDaddy<p>N

08-04-1998, 07:07 AM
One thing people seem to be forgetting is that Garth has to meet the needs of two different groups of fans with the box set. First, there are those who don't have all his previous material already, and are purchasing the box set in order to obtain the vast majority of his material. To meet the needs of these fans, he has worked hard to keep the price of the set LOW (for comparison, George Strait's box set was selling for around $45 for 4 CD's with I think 72 tracks). Under $30 is quite a price considering the production costs. Then he also has to meet the needs of those fans who are garthaholics and buy any media that has his material on it. Aside from the raving garth fans, most would not rationalize spending money on a box set that contains material that they already have by previously purchasing all the albums. To attend to these fans, the 6 previously unreleased tracks were added. It's simple marketing, not greed. Make your product as appealing to as many people as possible, and he has done a fine job in doing so.N

Peggy H
08-04-1998, 10:11 PM
Very well said Turtle. I agree with you 100 percent. What Garth did was good marketing. It is so refreshing to see an artist that is very talented, and smart too. At least Garth is using his education. Also about not hearing the 6 extra songs(unless you buy the box set). It is no different from not hearing any song on anybodies CD that isn't released as a single.N

08-05-1998, 06:00 AM
Not to beat a dead horse, but as is the case with most box sets released, they almost always have some new material on them that can only be obtained by purchasing the set. I think GS' box set was the only way (other than possibly a single) to own the hit 'Check Yes or No'. Just something to think about.N

08-05-1998, 08:31 PM
Turtle, I agree with what you said about the Strait box set. I own both the Strait set and GB's. The only way to obtain the I think 4 (only 4 previously un-released songs) was through the box set. Now, if I had been a huge Strait fan back when I was like 5 years old I probably would have had close to 95% of the music from the Set, but I didn't so I bought it. With GB's I want CD's and the 6 (count them 6!) new songs. To me, It's all good from a certain point of view.N

Devil in Blue
08-06-1998, 09:50 PM
All right already!<br>I bow before the superior logic, I abase myself in front of the thinking of all the great minds of the world...<p>Seriously, though, I see that I should have checked prices before I said anything. You're right, it is good marketing, and it is also SOP, but neither of those two arguments make it _right_! But we've all established that my perception of the cost was faulty (thanks dj, Ashley, turtle), and that was my main complaint -- that he was keeping a portion of his fans from ever owning those songs. A corollary to this was another discussion, under GB Forums, that mentioned the idea that the fan doesn't own Garth. He makes his own decisions, business or otherwise, and _really_, people, this isn't close to the worst decision he could have made! So life is peachy keen jelly bean (not fair, mind you, but what fun would that be?) and let's drop it, eh?<br>//smileN

Devil in Blue
08-06-1998, 09:51 PM
Hey, whoever it was that emailed me and told me how to put a smiley in, IT DIDN'T WORK!! *pout*N

08-07-1998, 04:14 AM
all you have to do is type a colon followed by a right parenthesis, there is a filter that automatically converts it when your message posts.N

08-08-1998, 02:37 PM
Devil in Blue, Welcome to the World of Garth :(N

08-08-1998, 02:39 PM
Sorry wrong symbol. :) See if this is betterN

08-09-1998, 05:02 PM
Seriously people, I'm not going to restate all of the things defended by the Garth fans but if anyone is going to complain about a performer. Why Garth? We have Tupac, Marilyn Manson, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and well, need I go on? These are the people who are setting the bad examples. Not Garth!! $30 for 6CD's, and people are complaining because he put six new songs to make people push a little harder to come out and buy the box set. He didn't do it because of his goal. And by the way, at least he has goals and strives for them something that I think society needs to learn, also. As for him needing the box set to reach the 100 million. No way!! The Live Album itself will sell 20 million, not to mention the Christmas album, the duet album and the possible Babyface album. Hell, he could make 110 million. Please stop complaining about a performer because he has goals and tries to reach them. It truly makes no sense. Just because he's been on top for years doesn't mean you have to try and de-throne him.N

08-09-1998, 05:45 PM
I would only hope that we could stick to the topic. I would hate to see things get too heated. I really wish we wouldn't bicker, if one wants to "debate" this issue I suggest sticking to personal email. Thanks.N

08-09-1998, 06:17 PM
Since I started this, I would like to end it. My original post was a congratulations to Garth on 80 million sales. It was not my intention to start a debate over the box set. So, once again, I'm sending out a big WOOOHOOO to Garth on this accomplishment. Let's leave it at that.N