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07-14-1998, 05:18 AM
I heard on a radio interview with garth in Salt Lake city that it is going to be a hybred disc, not dvd/cd, from what was said you would still be able to play it in a dvd player if you have one. Just what is the diference between the two?

Neal Doerner
07-16-1998, 08:55 AM
What he was probably talking about was that it would be an enhanced cd, which a person would be able to access thru a DVD player or thru a home computer.N

Gary Daniel
07-19-1998, 08:17 PM
Hi there...when I talked to Garth in Louisville in May...he said that the concert would not just be from Ireland...but from the whole tour. Louisville, KY would be the last available city for this particular live disc, but I got the impression that he's not ruling out another one in the future. However, the tracks from the live disc that were compatible with the DVD player would be footage from Ireland...but the entire disc would not be compatible...some of the disc would be simply CD music only. This matches up with an interview he did with a country magazine a few weeks back. Hope this clears up some misconceptions about the album...as I took it from Garth's comments the live album was one of the prime reasons for the vacation he took back in June, as well as family time!N