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05-29-1998, 03:14 PM
<br>Garth is making a George Strait
<br>Tribute CD called "Strait From
<br>GArth." He said so himsekf on a
<br>George Strait radio special and theu
<br>intervieed Garth!N

06-02-1998, 07:01 PM
sounds pretty cool, I haven't heard anything about this album does anyone else out there in Garthland have any more information on this subject.N

09-21-1998, 09:15 PM
I was soooo excited when I first read this post, but I haven't heard anything else about it. There's been so much hype about "The Limited Series", "Garth Double Live," the duet album, the Christmas album, etc. I think this topic got lost in all the other excitement. Has anybody else heard anything about this? N

09-22-1998, 06:47 AM
I've heard a lot of rumors about this. If there is any truth to it, it's still in the planning stages.N

09-22-1998, 09:11 AM
Hopefully, those planning stages and talks can turn it recording sessions and release dates! I would love to hear a album Strait from Garth.<p>WesN

09-23-1998, 06:15 PM
I wouldn't think that that would be something Garth would do. It would be cool. However, it doesn't sound like a Garth type of thing. I've heard of all of the Garth album possibilities: Live album of course, Trisha duet album too, Christmas album, "The Lamb" soundtrack, "Colors of Christmas" soundtrack, and possibly another studio album. I've never heard talk of the Strait album. That doesn't meen it won't happen. This is just my opinion, but darn it, I seem to like it. Keep it real gang.<p>Aaron N

09-27-1998, 01:02 PM
hmmmm....Garth doing George S. I personally would like to see Garth honor the late great superstar and 'King'(Garth is bigger at Emperor), Elvis Presley. Deep down Elvis was quite country. The times,just like with Garth and his music, were a changing and all kinds of gadgets and sound equipment were being invented. Colonel Parker put Elvis into that medium and today we would still consider that technical explosion a model-T. Just like Elvis, Garth has the 'Energy Rock', he has the uncanny ability to weave magic in a ' love song'; he can soulfully get down with 'jazz and blues'; he can hunker down for some 'classic country'; and can he ever bring home the 'spiritual music'? As for Xmas, how about 'The Gift.? What could be more humbling? And lest I forget, there is no equal to Garth when it comes to those subtle, non-choregraphed, spontaneous gestures, moves, and soul contact as well as mesmerizing stories that touch so many of our own experiences. As for George, I think Garth can just let that great entertainer and singer have and keep his own bailiwick. Garth is a world unto himself and when he is kicking back someday and awaiting the Country Hall Of Fame, let the aspiring talents of the future get into doing a tribute to him. Thats the ball game and Garth will out Maguire them all even if he takes some time off-which he certainly has earned. Viva Garth and his domain and leave George in his own domain. Adios, T-Texas TomN

10-03-1998, 07:15 PM
I do remember hearing something about this also. It was either at the concert or on some raido interview with Garth, but I'm thinking it was the latter, during a George Strait show.N