View Full Version : The Live Album

05-27-1998, 10:58 AM
I am so excited about the live album coming up. But I was thinking I would really like to have the Central Park concert as a live album as well. What do some of you think about that?N

diamond lil
05-27-1998, 01:10 PM
I think that would be great too! What I would really like to see him do though, is an unplugged album. Not just his songs, but songs that influenced him. I have heard him do songs like "Please Come To Boston", and "Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye", I hope for our sake that he does do one. But right now, we'll just focus on the live album.....dlN

05-28-1998, 11:21 AM
I for one totally think a Central Park live album would be the best! It was definitly filled with enough excitement and surprises..(Billy Joel and Don Mclean) and that raw Garth sound that we all love sooo much. I was there and there was nothing better in the world on that day but that concert.
<br>I would also like to see a unplugged album to. I never even thought of that...that would be very sweet. I love to hear him sing James Taylor and Billy Joel, and hear his stories behind everything he does.
<br>Thank the Lord for this beautiful man.N