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Chad Brothers
05-16-1998, 04:23 AM
Hi everyone!
<p>I was just reading through the news articles in Planet Garth when I happened to skim through the new article about Garth working on his live album. I have been hearing all sorts of rumors about this album so I'm glad something official finally popped up. What I have been told so far is that the live album is going to be a "compilation" of the best songs from various concerts throughout the tour. Now, the artical here made it appear as though it was going to be different. It gave me the impression that the live album was JUST going to be the whole Ireland concert/weekend. Maybe I read it wrong. Does anyone have any idea? I am just very curious because I, like everyone else here, would like to see a song from a concert I attended make the live album, and if the live album is only Ireland then that's thrown out the window. Thanks for any info!

05-16-1998, 06:51 AM
I posted that article, even though I'm a little confused by it.
<p>I would be disappointed if the live album turns out to be from Ireland. It's not that it was a bad show, if GB were to come out with a live album or DVD from Ireland I would get it anyway.
<p>But I can't see that being the live album. Also, GB mentioned the cost as the reason to why it won't be a double album. I don't think a regular length CD could do the album justice. Maybe instead of a double CD set, just make two separate CD's. Live album 1 and 2.

Peggy H
05-17-1998, 11:42 AM
Attented Saturdays concert and Garth said he was recording all his concerts for the live Cd.(and he said maybe we would be on it if we sang loud enough). Read an article in Yahoo Music News on Friday, said that Garth and his producers were working on his Live Cd, and they are pouring over thousands of concerts tapes to get the best cuts. I think the writer of the article that was posted didn't get his facts right.N

05-17-1998, 10:31 PM
I attended all 3 shows in Lexington, and each night, he announced that he was taping for the live album. I would think that if the live album was only the Ireland concert, he would quit telling people he was taping every show. I also think that the writer of that article was misinformed.N

05-18-1998, 11:10 AM
Before the third verse of Friends In Low Places Saturday in Lexington Garth not only mentioned he was recording for a live album but he made a point to mention that there were microphones hanging in various locations in Rupp Arena to record us. When I looked up I saw several in different locations.N

05-21-1998, 06:02 PM
I do not think that "The Live Album" will not only be the stuff from "Ireland And Back" I think it will be as many concerts that he has done maybe not quite every one of them. I also think that it is a good idea that Garth make a "Live Album 1" and a "Live Album 2"
<br>TJ SchatsiekN

05-21-1998, 06:05 PM
I do not think that "The Live Album" will only be the stuff from "Ireland And Back" I think it will be as many concerts that he has done maybe not quite every one of them. I also think that it is a good idea that Garth make a "Live Album 1" and a "Live Album 2"
<br>TJ SchatsiekN

05-22-1998, 06:47 PM
I was in Lexington for the Sunday show and after reading that article I was basically freaking out. I'm glad I ran into this forum. I agree that he would have no reason to say he was recording for a live album when he actually wasn't. I don't know if he made mention of the microphones hanging around that night, but my girlfriend and I did notice some when we walked in to take our seats. I would like to know the real story about this though, so if someone finds out could you please email me? Thanks..

05-24-1998, 04:19 AM
I went last night (Sat) to see Garth in Louisville. As always Garth made mention that he was recording for the live album. He also said that the live album should be finished by July 1 and hopefully be released around Thanksgiving. He said since this was his last concert for a while. (until July) After two and a half years of recording for the live album this concert in Louisville would be the last he would record for the live album. N

05-28-1998, 08:23 AM
The way I understand it...the video will be from Ireland, Dallas, and Central Park because they are on 35 mm film....the audio will be a compilation of the best of the Fresh Horses/Sevens Tour that started in March of '96.N

05-28-1998, 10:13 AM
Thank God you all wrote what you did because I was about to be really upset!! I saw the Ireland concert and although all of Garths concerts are good..the crowd there wasnt nearly as excited as we are here in the States for him. Every concert Ive been to of his the crowd was so crazy it gave me chills!
<br>(Even the Central Park Concert where they had New Yorkers! That concert was THE BEST!)
<br>I hope the man who wrote that article was misinformed because I have too heard from Garths mouth at his concerts that they were picking the best ones for the live album.
<p>I cannot wait for it to be released!! =)N

06-08-1998, 05:40 AM
Which songs do you think Garth will put on his live album? Do you think he'll include Piano Man and American Pie? I hope he does. I really enjoyed those!N