View Full Version : I HAVE A QUESTION?

05-13-1998, 08:02 PM
In the article on the front page of PG, it says that the live album was recorded in Ireland? Is this true?? Were they really not taping every single show of the tour and taking the best crowds and using those songs? I hope the guy writing the article was just a little confused and did not know what he was talking about! Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

Peggy H
05-13-1998, 10:15 PM
I don't believe the guy writing the article did his homework. I heard Garth in two interviews and read a couple of interviews where Garth said that he is working on the Live Cd, and they are listening to the recorded songs from his concerts to pick the best recordings.N

05-14-1998, 03:59 AM
I think it's a case of misunderstanding. DVD as explained to me deals folks hearing the music like CD, but if you have a DVD player, ya have the possibility to watch video too.
<br>Garth has said that only two concerts were shot in 35mm.....Central Park and Ireland. So he has decide to use Ireland's video footage(for whatever reason), but I believe that Garth will STILL be using the best live audio from the concerts of the past 3 years.
<br>Hope I have been able to help ya and that the info I've passed along is correct. That was how it has been explained to me. Thanks and
<br>take care. Cristina N