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Debbie R
05-12-1998, 06:24 AM
I keep seeing posts that make it sound like there are 2 versions of Make You Feel My Love on the same soundtrack, 1 by Garth and 1 by Trisha?????!!!!! This sounds really odd to me that they would have the same song on 1 cd twice!! When will this be released so we can finally clear this up?
<p>I heard Garth say in the Live interview last week that this would be his first time on a movie soundtrack so I know he's on it, but there are so many blurbs flying around I don't know what to expect.
<p>Also, has anyone heard about some country artist compilation CD for a charity that Garth has a song on? I only heard the tail end of a conversation on the radio about it, but didn't get all the details.N

05-12-1998, 07:12 AM
Hi Debbie,
<p>Victoria Shaw wrote a song to benefit Cystic Fibrosis research, and she asked a bunch of her friends and colleagues to sing this song. Garth is one of the singers, along with Neal McCoy, Bryan White...the list goes on, but I can't remember who else. It's supposed to be released as a single.

05-12-1998, 08:34 AM
There are two versions of To Make You Feel My Love on the Hope Floats soundtrack. I am not sure of the release date but Garth's version is number 1 on the cd and Trisha's is the last song on the cd. I heard them both played on the nationl radio show After Midnight this morning (last night). It is the same song as Garth has on The Limited Series as far as Trisha's version they played it twice because they had a poll as to who liked it best and Trisha won. I was shocked because I didn't think her version was very good at all. I really like most of her music but why they wanted two versions of this song I will never know. Of course remember How do I live with her and Leann Rimes. N

05-13-1998, 11:20 AM
The release date for the Hope Floats soundtrack is May 19th; at least that's what it says in Country Weekly. I also saw the video last night for the group song that Victoria Shaw wrote; it has Victoria Shaw, Garth, Bryan White, Neal McCoy, Faith Hill, Marty Roe?, and another man, who I'm not sure of his name. It's a very sweet song.N

05-28-1998, 10:28 AM
Billy Dean is also in the video for the Cystic Fibrosis research.N

06-04-1998, 01:42 PM
I went out and bought the soundtrack today. As someone said before, both Garth and Trisha's versions are on the same CD. I believe that Don Was said it was because there is a part in the movie that the song by da man was featured and someohow didn't fit. They then asked Trisha and she, in fact gave it the female perspective that they were looking for during that particular scene w/
<br>Sandra Bullock.
<p>I have to say that I love Garth's version by FAR . I know some may say it is biased on my part, but I FEEL that his version is more from the heart......it has this ability to go straight to the heart.....just hearing "When the rain is blowing in your face........" BULLSEYE!
<p>Thanks for listening and take care. CristinaN