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05-05-1998, 05:52 PM
Anybody know who does the little background vocals on the lines, "I'm all alone, and I need a ride home?" No one is listed in the book or am I missing something? Seriously, the first time I heard it, I looked behind me to see who sang that. Weird, huh?
<p>This song gets my vote for "favorite."

Gary Daniel
05-06-1998, 10:11 AM
From what i hear it is none other than Trisha who is singing that line on the Which one of Them song...Personally that's my favorite of all the new ones that are on this box set...Great song!!N

diamond lil
05-09-1998, 07:18 AM
I for one don't thinks that it's Tricia doing the background on this song. I took a look at the new book that comes with the Box Set and at the beginning of the Ropin' The Wind section it list harmonies and Susan Ashton is listed! I don't think she was on the original Ropin' The Wind album, I may be wrong but I think it's Ashton doing the background here.N

05-17-1998, 05:09 PM
I checked the orginal ROPIN liner notes and Miss Ashton was not listed, I suspect it is safe to say that it is she and not Miss Yearwood who is singig that mysteriously beutiful background line.N

Debbie R
05-18-1998, 06:07 AM
I'm not at home where all my CD cases are so I can't verify this but...
<p>I remember in the live radio interview Garth did he was talking about one of the new songs and said they had planned to put it on a different CD but they found that "Ropin the Wind" was the only CD Trisha was NOT on already. Since Trisha was on this new song, they decided to put it on "Ropin the Wind" so she is on all of the CD's.
<p>Does anyone else remember this part of the interview?N

05-19-1998, 01:19 PM
Trisha appears on "Shameless"N

Debbie R
05-20-1998, 04:20 AM
I was mistaken on my previous post. I checked the cover notes and it was "Garth Brooks" that Trisha was not on, and they added "Uptown, Downhome Good Ol Boy" which Trisha does background on.
<p>Sorry to add to the confusion.N

diamond lil
05-20-1998, 06:18 PM
OK, now I'm confused. I don't know which album he could have been referring to because Trisha sings backup on Everytime That it Rains. So what's the deal?N

05-28-1998, 07:50 AM
It most likely is Susan Ashton,but it could be Trisha Yearwood. I have no idea.
<br>TJ SchatsiekN

05-29-1998, 05:02 PM
Well, I hate to answer my own question, but since I started this whole mess, I should probably end it. Listening to the GB from A to Z special that some radio stations carried on Memorial Day, I heard Garth say it himself. It was Susan Ashton on those vocals.
<br>Thanks to everybody who helped. Wow. That was really starting to confuse me.....N