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01-31-2001, 11:55 AM
<br>As if we needed one...
<br>I came across an article today about Garth and rapper Warren G in a law dispute over the trademark of the letter "g". After checking into it this is what was found:
<br>Garth Brooks and Warren g End Litigation
<br>Wednesday, March 25, 1998. Press Release
<br>LOS ANGELES --March 25, 1998-- Today Garth Brooks and Warren g jointly announced that their trademark litigation is now over. Garth Brooks stated ``I learned from Warren g and Wron g (his manager) that the letter ''g`` has a special significance to them and to some members of their community in that it symbolizes kids and young people who have risen aboe drugs and violence and who are worthy of respect because of their positive contributions to the world.''
<br>Garth Brooks and Warren g agree that they each share these goals. Therefore, there was no point to fight about a positive symbol. Garth Brooks also stated ``Now knowing how much the symbol ''g`` means to Warren, I will strive to reach the standard that the ''g`` represents to him and to his community. The results of the litigation are confidential.
<br>How Garth-esk :)

01-31-2001, 01:43 PM
Isn't that when Garth switched his trademark from capital G to lower case g?
<br>Hadn't heard about the significance of the capital G -
<br>Trademarks on a letter - hmmmmmmm regardless of the significance - seems silly somehow to argue over a little/big letter. Trademarks usually include more than a letter - like some design - well, so it seems to this nonlegal brain of mine - in other words IMHO.

01-31-2001, 01:57 PM
That is so cool:)
<br>I just find it funny though:eek: *LOL*

02-07-2001, 09:44 AM
Cool story!!
<br>The Man Is Amazing!
<br>Donna :)N