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  1. Thank you for the support, PG! and "Thicker Than Blood"
  2. Bang! Bang! Cover
  3. "I've Got a Good Thing Going" and "Everytime That It Rains"
  4. "Pure Adrenaline"
  5. "You Move Me"
  6. Question For Jim
  7. That Ol' Wind
  8. My "B-105 FM Meet Garth and Trisha" Submission "The Old Stuff's Still New"
  9. PG Universe, What would you like to hear?
  10. "Face To Face"
  11. A little taste of a LIVE performance.
  12. "Wild As The Wind" (from "Double Live")
  13. Reflection
  14. "Ask Me How I Know" (Live performance)
  15. "Sugarcane"
  16. "She's Gonna Make It"
  17. "How You Ever Gonna Know"
  18. "Anybody But Bill" (PlanetGarth Exclusive)
  19. "Rodeo and Juliet"
  20. "The Call" (The Garth/Trisha duet Cover)
  21. "Somethin' Bout The Feelin'" (Original)
  22. "Sometimes You Need The Rain" (from "Garth Brooks Anthology") (SPOILER ALERT)
  23. Leon
  24. Tomorrow and Today
  25. A World Without You (from the '98 Red Cross TV Special)
  26. The Road From Here to Gone (Unreleased) (as Heard on "Inside Studio G" )
  27. "The Storm"
  28. All Day Long (THE NEW SINGLE)
  29. "The Road I'm On" (Amazon Album Preorder/New Opening Song on The TOUR)
  30. "Anonymous" (from "In Pieces") (The "Limited Series" Version)
  31. Blue Bonnet Waltz (Colleen Carroll Cover) (Garth's Mom) (In Memorial and Tribute)
  32. Cowgirl's Saddle (from "The Lost Sessions")
  33. Guy Going Nowhere (from "Triple Live") (Ashley McBryde Cover)
  34. The Courage To Love
  35. Stronger Than Me (as performed on CMA Awards 2018)
  36. Dive Bar (The Duet with Blake Shelton)
  37. Live Again (From A&E Biography: The Road Iím On)
  38. That's What Cowboys Do (from the Upcoming "FUN" Album")
  39. ORIGINAL: "One Step Ahead of the Flame (Demo)" (Lyric Video)
  40. Heartbeats in Time- EP
  41. Doublin' Down (Demo) (Lyric Video) (Original Music)
  42. If This is the Last Time (Lyric Video) (Original Music)