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  1. Thank you for the support, PG! and "Thicker Than Blood"
  2. Bang! Bang! Cover
  3. "I've Got a Good Thing Going" and "Everytime That It Rains"
  4. "Pure Adrenaline"
  5. "You Move Me"
  6. Question For Jim
  7. That Ol' Wind
  8. My "B-105 FM Meet Garth and Trisha" Submission "The Old Stuff's Still New"
  9. PG Universe, What would you like to hear?
  10. "Face To Face"
  11. A little taste of a LIVE performance.
  12. "Wild As The Wind" (from "Double Live")
  13. Reflection
  14. "Ask Me How I Know" (Live performance)
  15. "Sugarcane"
  16. "She's Gonna Make It"
  17. "How You Ever Gonna Know"
  18. "Anybody But Bill" (PlanetGarth Exclusive)
  19. "Rodeo and Juliet"
  20. "The Call" (The Garth/Trisha duet Cover)
  21. "Somethin' Bout The Feelin'" (Original)
  22. "Sometimes You Need The Rain" (from "Garth Brooks Anthology") (SPOILER ALERT)
  23. Leon
  24. Tomorrow and Today
  25. A World Without You (from the '98 Red Cross TV Special)
  26. The Road From Here to Gone (Unreleased) (as Heard on "Inside Studio G" )
  27. "The Storm"
  28. All Day Long (THE NEW SINGLE)